ByJoCo September 29, 2006

Here’s a transcription of a really long phone interview with Ken over at Quick Stop Entertainment. We talk about the end of Thing a Week, the beginning of John Hodgman, and I say several offensive/dumb things. You know, the usual. Thanks Ken!


Dave says

Wait a second, you didn't know who Neil Innes was? You've never seen The Rutles?

Dan says

I'm confused...

How many points did this interviewer end up with?

Dan says

Apologies for the double comment...

But when I first heard Stroller town, I had a suspicion that I was pretty sure of the Brooklyn neighborhood it was loosely based on (I just moved after living there for a year)... And now having seen the interview I was right!

Just gloating.

Back to the originally scheduled programming.

Jeremy Henty says

JoCo, you say TAW helped you make your voice sound more dangerous than usual. What songs in particular were you thinking of? FWIW, I'd say that you sound unusually menacing and scary in the bridge of "Creepy Doll" ("...and you are CRAZY"). Agree? Disagree?

Kodamakitty says

Great interview!

If anyone knows something about a viral, fan-based model, it's Kevin Smith and ViewAskew. Cutting out much of the middle management and changing the rules for what constitutes a "hit" allows for more creative freedom and faster reactions to what the artists and fans want.

Congrats on the end of TAW, I look forward to new installments of "Thing a Fortnight!"