You’re Next Chicago

By JoCo September 28, 2006

This Monday October 2 I’ll be at the Chicago House of Blues (at the Back Porch actually – 329 North Dearborn St.) at 9:30 PM. Paul and Storm will be there as well, and will go on after me. Tickets are $7. Say what?! That’s right, $7. Chicago, do you think you have what it takes to outdo Boston? Because Boston is ON TOP OF IT.

Speaking of which, really great show last night Bostonians, thanks so much for coming out and being so fun. I’ll be back to your fair city on December 12th, this time at Johnny D’s with Paul and Storm.

But for now, there is Chicago…


jadelennox says

Well, this *is* Boston, after all.

Thanks for a fantastic show! Even if it was late on a school night.

Glenn says

Ack -- I forgot the handclaps!

Sigh. It's not as if I had a good microphone, anyway.

Dan Coulter says

Monday night? With Paul and Storm? Curses! Somehow, I don't think I'll be able to drive 5 hours back home, teach my class on Monday night and make it back to Chicago in time for this.

julie coulter says

Yeah, and it would be even worse for me to try to get to work at 8:00 the next morning. So sad. Well, we'll see you at the book reading, anyway. Will Paul and Storm be at Borders, by chance? Cause it would be cool to see them too.

Lauren in the red fedora says

That was a terrific show! The signing was also lots of fun. Looking forward to December.

Andrea says


I was serious about selling merch, you want I should help you?

Anne says

Where are tickets for the Chicago show available? I don't see anything list on the HoB website, or anywhere else for that matter. =(

Ian says

Does anybody know if this is an 18+ or 21+ show? Being 19 I hope it's the former. Also, where can I find tickets for this show? The House of Blues website dosn't even mention it.

webjones says

Come to Atlanta ... you can stay in the basement with the cat. :-)

Karen says

Noooooooo! I've been pimpin' this Chicago Demand It thing on MySpace for a while, now my dreams have come true and I can't go!! At least I'll see you at the reading in Milwaukee on Tuesday (down in Bay View 'dere on Sout' KK, aina?).

steve says

son of a....

I just moved from chicago for school!!!!


LSK says

I feel so sad! I'm a Jew, and October 2's Yom Kippur, so I'm completely left out! I would love if you could play Chicago again in the near future...

Andrea says

The House of Blues Chicago box office number is 312-923-2000

LSK, isn't that holiday over at sunset?

Steve, the solution is clear: Quit school and move back to Chicago right now. You've got like 11 hours. That's plenty of time.