Mark Twain

By JoCo September 27, 2006

Well, last night was sort of the kickoff of this Hodgman tour, we did our little show at the Mark Twain museum in Hartford. Nice crowd, beautiful space, even a giant screen and a DVD player so I could do Flickr (the audience was all, “What the hell? Who’s Dwyer?”). And then I met a couple of ladies who grew up in my own hometown of Colchester, CT. Where tradition meets tomorrow, you know. This morning stumbled into a car when it was still dark so we could get to Boston in time to be on the NECN morning show. Tonight, Brookline Booksmith, and then my show at the Paradise Lounge.

Now, if you’ll allow me this, may I recommend: Dethroner. This is a new blog from Joel Johnson, at whose bloggage I used to laugh very hard when he was at Gizmodo. He describes Dethroner as “Maxim for MAKE readers” or “Men’s Vogue for Men,” and there certainly seems to be a lot of talk about manly things like beer and vests. Read it and weep.

See you tonight Boston…


Dan says

I've never been particularly stylish. At all.
Just looking through that blog, though... I feel like I've never in my life managed to put together a proper outfit.

Clothes scare me. Mommy!

Khan says

You brought down the house in Brookeline, J.C. Here's hoping no one takes you up on your tongue-in-cheek suggestion to set fire to the Hancock Tower. Even your Jedi mind-control powers aren't that good... I think...

P.S. Thanks for playing Mandelbrot Set!

Carol the Colchester-ite says

On showing "Flickr", my sister and I felt the same thing: that crowd could not appreciate the greater awesome-ness of the video.

Arthur says

The Shows page doesn't list the October 5 appearance with Hodgman (and Amy Sedaris?) at the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Their page still lists the event ( Are you appearing?

M_pony says

When you performed Flickr, did you have any trouble staying synced to the video? I've seen similar stuff tried before and invariably the performers play too fast and get out of sync. (Unless their name is 'Rush', in which case they do everything perfectly) Just wunnerin'

mike says

check out for a DVD called Mark Twain Tonight as well as many other author/writers. they have a lot of good merchandise.