Boston Show

By JoCo September 26, 2006

Just a reminder – Paradise Lounge, 10:30 PM, Wednesday September 27. Last I checked Boston had the highest number of demanders at, so this could be a really big show. I will have Thing a Week One with me as well as Thing a Week Two, which just arrived this week. T-shirts – but of course.

Speaking of which, I need a volunteer to work the merch table for me. If you’re coming to the show and you’re pretty good at math and you promise not to steal all my money, send me an email via the contact link on my site and let’s get this party started.

And now: to Hartford.


Gilly says

Just wanted to say, I'm in on that eventful demand but I won't be able to make the show -- that's just too late for me on a weeknight. So even if you don't get too large a crowd, I hope you'll consider coming back and trying again some time!

Len says

Hartford: Former Home of the Whalers!

I miss those Burger King sandwiches. :(

Dan says

If only it had been a weekend Boston show...

Alas, skiving off half a day of work would likely be frowned upon by those who indirectly pay for my meals and rent.

Joe says

Justing checking in after returning from the Hartford show... It was great - very funny - and Hodg-man even signed my book by giving me my own hobo name: "one-million o'clock shadow"... I am honored... but one question for JC: can't he even give you a stool to sit on during the show? What a slavedriver...

Andrea says

Can't come to Boston. But if you play in Chicago when you are here, I would be so happy, and I would sell your merch there. I am a good merch seller. Last week I sold merch for Girlyman, and I did not steal all their money.

Jerry says

Another great show, and NEW CDs, too! Welcome to this Brave New World where the fans buy the CDs - for no particular reason, other than it feels better than just tossing money at the artist...

So, as I rip the CDs into iTunes (another copy of Re: Your Brains - Happy Happy Joy Joy!), I can't help but notice that GraceNote lists the genre as - POP?!? WTF?

Go go, JoCo!

-- Jerry

P.S. We left the concert only to discover that our car had been towed; street cleaning. Feh. It was surprisingly painless getting the car back, though - except for that sharp poke in the wallet...

Tyson says

Awesome show tonight!

your loving zombie chorus

Katrina says

That was the best show I've been to in a while, even if we were all up past our bedtimes. Do you play at science fiction conventions, too? Geeks would love your stuff. Not that, y'know, Wednesday wasn't full of geeks already.

slothbear says

Thanks tons for coming to Boston. The show was great, and I didn't mind having to be a little sleepy the next day. Heck, that happens for all kinds of less pleasurable reasons now and then. Better to do it by choice!