Code Monkey Vid

By JoCo September 24, 2006

Spiff, make of high quality JoCo WoW videos, sends me this one for Code Monkey in preparation for the week-long celebration he imagines the end of TAW will bring. Nice work, as always…


Gle3nn says

This is fantastic. My favorite monkey video.

PlugNPlay says

Just a touch NSFW, for those who need to be judicious.

Spiff says

You must be referring to the bouncing sweater scene, yes? I debated whether or not to use that particular animation for that quick scene, but I figured its comedy value outweighed the tiny dip in propriety it brought to an otherwise fully G-rated video. As you can imagine, it's one of the most popular animatimations for the Night Elf female characters in WoW, so I almost couldn't leave it out. :)

Alex says

Well done Spiff, the comedic factor is certainly high in this one, gotta love the gorlla coming sneaking up to the desk.

Jeff Winkler says

Johathan - please add a favicon to your site.. so it will have a nice icon in tabs/bookmark bars.

Leigh says

On a completely unrelated note (as my comments usually are)...

My dorm has a free box which has random stuff in it that people don't want anymore, but that other people might. Today I found one of those stretchy reusable book covers in there, and lo and behold, what was on it?


Orkendark says

Spiff, you do good work man.

I might have to break my Kwee Q Peddlefoot back out now.

Here's hoping that while TAW is on indeterminate hiatus, we can keep getting some videos from you talented talented people.

My hat is off to Spiff, Kerrin, and all the rest.

Matt says

I can personally guarantee that there are videos coming. It's just taking longer than anticipated due to that whole "life" thing getting in the way.

Waste of Aces says

HI, I just stumbled onto your site after seeing this video. Being both an indie musician AND a machinima filmmaker I just had to come on over and say, bravo!

I know how hard it is to make it in the music industry and, speaking as a fellow musician/songwriter, I think a lot of your stuff is really good.

-Jun (band) (machinima)

Josh Hickman says

Celebration? This will quite clearly be a time of mourning.

Matt says

I love this video! And the song too, of course. I work as a code monkey and this song is spot-on. Great work!