VTAW – Summer’s Over

By JoCo September 23, 2006

Aw, man…


Gle3nn says

Aaww man, you went and made me all teary eyed again.
Thank you Len for all the great pictures.

Matt says

Definately a touching picture and fitting tribute to the TAW/VTAW series. As I mentioned on the Jawbone site, it looks like the Chiron Beta Prime robot is crying.

Dan says

Wow. Really good

glych says

Awe man, that's beautiful.


Eric Ginsberg says

LOVE the hobo symbol tatoo on the "when the money comes" dude. It is time for the hobos to unite to overthrow the United States government! Len is a genius. JoCo's all right, too.

TheCoffinRobber says

A tear shed for those lost.

M_pony says

Shiny nickels go to those who can name all the songs the characters some from. It's like something from GAMES magazine, eh?
(I think I like the Rock'n'roll Boy the best of the lot. He just looks cool)

mike says

Let's see:
You have the Zombie from Re Your Brains holding the Soft Rocked CD
Mr. Fancy Pants in the backround with the bus possibly going to Camp Bachelor
Several monkeys and the Laptop for Laptop like you with a ShopVac nearby
Underneath Charon you have the Robot with a seahorse and the Leonard Cohen note on him along with a Podsafe Christmas bobble hanging down from his helmet.
I'll guess the guy with the drink is from til the money comes and the doll and the rock and roll boy.
Also note the pizza on the laptop
The sasquatch next to the very tall man
The baby is from You ruined everything
That's all I got.

Michael says

:'( Please don't go.

Randbot says

Charon also has a Fuzzy Old Lobster on his shoulder, a Flickr sticker on his leg and a ballet poster on his rear. Not sure what that last one is for, though.

There's also crazy Tom Cruise behind Code Monkey, and a curling stone behind Charon's foot (right beneath My Monkey?)

Not sure what the boxing glove next to the zombie is for (A Talk With George, perhaps?)

Jerry says

Don't forget the moon.

Len says

When I was drawing it, I didn't even think about Camp Bachelor. Or a laptop like you. Only because technically, they weren't Things A Week. That makes even more references!

Jeremy Henty says

@Randbot - I think the boxing glove is from Big Bad World One

Matt says

Randbot: Len drew the ballet poster on the robot's butt for a video of When You Go that's kind of stalled due to a couple huge losses in my life that have left me unable to even listen to the song at the moment. Also, I need to save up money to buy time on a render farm when it eventually does get to the rendering point.