My Monkey, Our President

By JoCo September 20, 2006

Another video for My Monkey from “Dave’s girlfriend” (I don’t know her name). This one has a subtle political message, see if you can catch it.


Spiff says

Maybe the best slideshow video yet (he had an upside down phone. heh). Still, videos like this just give aid and comfort to our enemies. Watching it made me want to go cut-and-run somewhere. See ya! ;)

PlugNPlay says

Her name's Erica.

TheCoffinRobber says

It kills me that I have dial-up and can't watch these...

David R says

For our dialup friends, if you don't mind waiting for it, you can go here:

Rightclick on the 'download link' and choose save-as, make sure to save it with a '.flv' extension. You'll have to find a flv-player on your own, but there are several free ones out there.

Jeremy Henty says

@TheCoffinRobber , if you can install and run a command-line Python program, then look at youtube-dl. I use it all the time.

Gle3nn says

My comment is [message redacted] but that's just me and I don't like to make political statements.