More Second Life Coverage

By JoCo September 19, 2006’s got a page with some highlights from the Second Life concert – photos, complete audio, and the individual songs as broken up by the ever helpful Spiff. Also, at they’re running a contest for best photo and machinima from the event, and you can see a bunch more photos on that page. You might even catch a glimpse of John Hodgman’s naked avatar…


Mike says

An unidentified stripper expressed her love for Mr. Coulton by shoving him, guitar and all, into a potted shrub.
Hooray for virtual worlds! Did this happen at the DC show too?

M_pony says

Since i'm not on SL I didn't get to see the show. The link to the page on PopSci is 404ing.. can you reconfirm the URL?

I sound like a techie again.

TheCoffinRobber says

No 404 here...

Zenigma Suntzu says

I noticed it's intermittent 404. Hit reload... try later kinda thing.

Gle3nn says

The audio seems slow. The voice is deeper than usual and speech pattern is different than any of the podcasts or interviews I've heard. I sped it up to 1.4 time speed and it was better but more than that was too much distortion. Did I fall into a temporal vortex or is anyone else having this problem?

Zenigma Suntzu says

Gle3nn, Spiff updated them September 18th, 2006 at 10:03 pm. So if you downloaded before that, go download the updated copies. (See the comments on the "Second Life Report" blog entry.)

Alex says

Oh man, i looked at some of the photos and Im so sad i wasnt able to see the actual concert, but my computer and connection could not handle second life and it froze before the concert even started, so i ended up listening to the feed live.

mike says

froze two three times on AMD 3000+ . I think I will uninstall it.