VTAW – Pull the String

By JoCo September 18, 2006

File this one under “obscure, but kind of hard to avoid once you think about it.” I thought of Ed Wood a lot as I was writing this song because of the Martin Landau/Bela Lugosi line “Pool da strinks! Pool da strinks!” Not that it had any bearing on the song. Unless it’s really a song about Ed Wood, which maybe it is. Thanks Len!


Matt says

I like it. It reminds me of something I'd see hanging in a gallery filled with really crappy art but there's one that's good and as I walk by I stop and say "Hey. That's neat."

craig says

where's Bono?

Talorat says

Why does this song cut out at the end when it seems it should go on longer? I love this song but that ending is like being hit with a brick, it brakes you out of the pretty music trance.

Talorat says

aaaand I posted that in the wrong bloody area, delete please