Boston Show

By JoCo September 18, 2006

Having the largest number of demanders (as well as the longest freedom trail in the US), Boston is the winner! Of something. Of this: when I come into town next week on the 27th to do a John Hodgman reading at the Brookline Booksmith, I’m totally going to kick it up a notch by doing a solo show later on that night. Much later. 10:30 PM – I really hope I can stay up. This will be at the Paradise Lounge in the front room, and it will cost $10.

And if this goes well, I will try to do something similar in some of the cities that John and I visit in October. Not all of them, because I’m not a complete masochist, but certainly in the ones where the demand is large and the timing works out. So if you’ve always been meaning to add to the eventful demand in your city but haven’t gotten around to it yet, now’s the time…


Glenn says

Will Portland be one of these, perhaps?

glych says

or Minneapolis?

There's 37 of us pulling for you!


Bob says

With all these shows all over the place, I'm wondering why home base, NYC isn't getting any love. Then I look at eventful and see only 3 demanders.

Maybe us New Yorkers aren't stepping up to the eventful plate because we take it for granted that Joco will play here because he lives here.

I'm pretty sure you'll get more than 3 people if you do a NYC gig again. :-)

TheCoffinRobber says

It's a shame that Boone, IA isn't on the list... how about Des Moines? Think that could be pulled off? My bro and I would be there... so long as it isn't the night the PS3 comes out, then you'd be straight outta luck. ;-)

Dan says

I second Bob. And I happen to be two of those three New Yorkers, due to some issues trying to actually post a comment there ;-)

In all seriousness, I think I can seriously say I've been a fan for two full days, having been introduced to Re Your Brains on Saturday, and culminating in what is an infernally long download of the zip with the whole shebang in it which has reset twice on me so far. (Once due to me forgetfully rebooting...)

I haven't even managed to listen to half of the songs yet, and I'd be willing to plunk down whatever it took to see an event in the NYC area.

All it took was the pony-monkey verse of Skullcrusher Mountain, and I knew I'd finally found a songwriter who didn't seem to have any trouble eavesdropping on the voices in my head. (My girlfriend seems to think that given the choice, I actually would choose to give her the half-pony half-monkey monster. And she's likely right)

Joe says

The Hartford area only has 3 demands??!!?? Where's the hometown love? Oh well, the 3 of us could just show up at Ma & Pa Coulton's for lemonade and JoCo baby pictures... who's with me?

Eric Ginsberg says

Brookline, the town that has everything and, at once, has nothing, will now have Jonathan Coulton to add to its collection. Beware the nuts and wine.

Dave says

Great job in DC last night, JoCo!

Paul says

OK, I see the Tampa area people are slacking - c'mon, guys (and gals), I know you're out there. Maybe we can get the stadium for a day, at the rate the Bucs are going they won't be needing it much longer.

Karstan says

Freedom Trail, eh? Is that like Freedom Toast? Or Freedom Fries?

Jeff says

Awesome! I really hope you play in San Francisco. If you will be, I'll make sure to bring all my friends who I've introduced to your songs.

If you don't have a venue, you might try Johnny Foley's Irish House, they love live music. I might be able to talk to people who know people, etc.

Spencer says

I'm with Glenn, here-- a Portland show would be fantastic.

Spiff's nephew is a good friend of mine-- he's the one who introduced me to your music in the first place. He and I, as well as at least a handful of other people to whom we've introduced your music, would absolutely love to see (and hear) you perform.

On a somewhat different note, I look forward to this Friday's Thing a Week-- it sounds like it will be a heck of a way to bring an end to this magnificent experiment.