Color My World

By JoCo September 14, 2006

I’m so excited about this that I literally have not stopped screaming for about 6 hours. Our old buddy Len has used his powerful kung fu to create a Jonathan Coulton coloring book that we’re selling at Sharpen your crayons and get to work…


Spiff says

Man, you know you've made it in this world once you've got your own coloring book.

Chris Radcliff says

I'm amazed. It's astounding. I'm going to have to buy it.

Or two, since there's no way in hell I'm letting my 2-year-old color in my only copy.

BTW, looking forward to the concert tonight. Let's hope I can solve my Second Life issues before then. If so, Cruroar Rofflecopter (an as-shlumpy-as-i-can-make-it rendition of myself) will be on the scene and rockin' out. If not, I thank the Creative Commons gods that I'll be able to watch the video later on.

Glenn says

We need a clearnig house for JoCo merchandise so we don't need to sign into a million different little sites.

The Second Life thing starts in half an hour!? Damn! Sorry I'll have to miss it.

Chris Radcliff says

(An hour later) Nope, couldn't get SL to work for me. I finally got to the point where I could teleport to the island (after about half an hour of screwing around with updates, figuring out the interface, dealing with slowness), but it said the place was full. That's where I call it a day and wait for someone else's video.

Len says

I think I sat on Dan Coulter's lap by accident.

Orkendark says

Great googly-moogly, I need that book. I am so hanging it on my fridgenator when I'm done.

Muncher says

I can't imagine a time that I'd ever want to color Mr Coulton.

Muncher says

Len, how many monkeys are there in that coloring book?

Margaret says

Oh. My. Gosh.

I am buying this today. This is made of awesome.

I think you should have a coloring contest on the site- maybe whoever sends in the "best" page from the coloring book wins something goofy and neat?


Dan Coulter says

I think Len sat on my lap on purpose.

Great concert by the way! I can't wait to see you guys in Chicago. Here are some "photos" I took last night:

Len says

Muncher, there are in fact, a few monkeys. There is even a Code Monkey Word Find. And even an appearance by Mr. John Hodgman.

M.Sage says

That's so cool. It's gettin' five big stars on this year's Christmas list.

Eric Ginsberg says

Oh, George is going to love this. I'm typically writing to John here, but I'll write for all you other commenters this time, since John already knows this story; he was there.

So I'm sitting on the edge of the stage before our show in the park, JoCo is to my left and my then-six-year-old son, George, is on his left (read: we've got him surrounded). We're all just kind of looking off in silence as the sound guys are setting up. Without provocation, George says to John, "To me, you're famous." The kid had requests and everything (see, I'm bringing him up right). At the end of the night, John signed George's frisbee, "George, You are #1 super-fan. Jonathan Coulton"

He's gonna go nuts for this book. I'm on it.

Crayons are tasty!

Kay says

I love the coloring book! But you kinda look like you're holding a very large green dildo on the cover... is that some sort of subliminal message?

Andrine says

And what's with the coonskin cap? Did I miss something?

Len says


Len says

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