A Talk with Hodge

By JoCo September 13, 2006

Check out Hodgman’s brilliant new print ad for the paperback edition:

And just in case you don’t catch the reference, here the man explains.


Spiff says

I'm not sure how Hodgman could have been *more* obscure with that reference. ;)

Mike says

I dunno, I actually remember the original ad once I saw a picture of it. Before that, I was just thinking, "that's Intellivision baseball on the tv on the right."

Anonymous Coward says

Print "add"? Is that another obscure reference?

JoCo says

Ha ha. Shoulda learned my letters...

Dave says

You were probably too busy playing Intellivision to care about spelling...

M_pony says

It's only obscure if you are younger than me. I totally wanted an Intellivision when they were out.. they totally kicked Atari 2600's ass! We used to play Burgertime at my buddy's place over and over. I even beat the machine playing Othello.

Man, games totally suck now. :)