By JoCo September 12, 2006

In the immediate future there are two things coming up. Three things.

The first is a reminder. This Thursday 9/14 I’ll be doing a concert at Menorca in Second Life, along with some other SL musicians. I’ve been doing some hanging out “in game” and soundchecks and such, and I must tell you that it’s going to be pretty fun. It’s free to download and play Second Life, so you have no excuse. But if you have some excuse, you can also listen to the audio of the show which will be streaming on the internets. The whole concert is Creative Commons licensed, so you can record audio and video if you want. Details here.

Monday 9/18 I’ll be appearing at the next FW Thomas Performance, a fun reading series thingy created and hosted by friend and Little Gray Books alum Adam Mazmanian. The show is at the Warehouse Theater in DC at 7:30 and costs a tiny little $3.

Right after that show, I’ll be doing a full acoustic set of my own, also at the Warehouse Theater. $10 only. All you DC complainers who couldn’t hump it out to Jammin’ Java better show up and be ready to rock!

And I’ve added a Shows page to the site, with a calendar from Eventful that I will do my best to keep up to date. You can subscribe to it as a feed if you wish, that way you will never miss a single precious moment with me.


Zach says

Warehouse Theater show:

Mandelbrot Set! Mandelbrot Set!

If so, I'll go.

JoCo says

Consider it done.

Mike says

What time will your show end? Will it be Metro friendly, or will it extend into the wee hours of the morning? What CDs will you have available? Thanks.

Kim says

OK I was a DC bound complainer who did hump it out to Jammin Java!

Can't wait


matt says

Someone please record the video if possible!

C4bl3Fl4m3 says

I was one of those complainers who couldn't make it.
And I technically can't make it this time, but I'm SO blowing off my other plans!

Viva JoCo forever!

Christine says

Two here and counting. I've been looking forward to this for ages.

Jeff from Huntington says

Mike, I went to Warehouse's site, it says closing is at 11 pm. Works for me, since as much as I liked the Jammin Java show in May (I am furious with myself for missing August's), getting home at 2:30 am is kinda tough.

Can't wait for the show, must call for tickets tomorrow!!!!!

Mike says

Thanks Jeff. It's still up in the air for me. Technically, I'm supposed to go to improv workshop on Mondays.