Fan vs. Fan, Fan vs. WoW, Fan vs. Machinima

By JoCo September 12, 2006

If the title of this post isn’t completely clear, that’s because it doesn’t really make any sense. The point is, we got some duelling Skullcrusher Mountain videos here, both made in World of Warcraft. One by Spiff (of several recent JoCo WoW vids), and the other by hungry newcomer AiYume. Who will win? Me!


Kerrin says

Well, I for one love them both. Great choice of song too!

M.Sage says

That dance the little guy does in the Spiff's video is too funny.

Joe says

You can tell that Spiff has been around this game longer - a solid effort out of a seasoned veteran... but I like what I'm seeing out of this rookie - really showed a feel for how we do things at this level... Spiff had a much better Scarface, but AiYume had better henchmen.

Eric Ginsberg says

I'm judging these two videos on the all-important half-monkey/half-pony monster portion. While both showed us a monkey and a pony, in accordance with the line, "you like monkeys, you like ponies," AiYume showed the in cages, which I liked. However, AiYume's monster didn't actually look like it was half/half; it looked more like a two-headed dog. I didn't like that at first, but then I thought, "well, maybe when you mix the two, it's like a frankenstine thing, where you get to sew together pieces. Maybe the mixed DNA makes for some creepier shit that I hadn't considered," and I liked that, too. I liked that Spiff's had monkey heads sewn on, randomly, all over what is, otherwise, a pony with some monkey-like appendages. I thought that too was clever. However, the crowning moment was when Spiff's mad scientist hypothesized that he had, in fact, used too many monkeys, and the monkey heads disappeared. The little speach-bubbles settled it; we have a winner.

Spiff, but knock-out, in the 7th round. A well-played game, both of you. Really, you should each be proud.

We need lives,

Eric Ginsberg says

Pardon the thousands of spelling errors. It's late.

I'm so fired,

Orkendark says

I'm with Ginsberg on this one (By the way, E.G., your 3 song sampler cd that I bought the day of JC's show in Red Bank is stuck in my car stero.. I kinda dug the stuff anyway, but lately I have no choice but to be a devoted fan :) It either needs to magically develop more tracks, or I need to find a pair of needlenose pliers).

I like AiYume's henchmen/camera movement better, but Spiff had the superior 1/2Pony1/2Monkey monster, and humorous chat bubbles to boot.

Spiff, but it's close.

Mizzie says

I have to go with AiYume's video, but it was very close. The only thing that pushed it over the top was that I never really saw a gnome in that roll. Both were very well done, obviously with a lot of work put into them. Not exactly what I would have done in either case, but that doesn't matter.

BTW, I was super excited to see Skullcrusher Mountain videos! That is, and has always been, my absolute favorite Coulton song.

Wilbur Tillinghast says

I agree with Mizzie sup.: the gnome doesn't make it as a Bond villain, all the good movie villains were Christopher Lee/Donald Pleasance/Geoffry Holder big.

I also preferred the Cerberoid half-pony/half-monkey monster to the more random ones; evil geniuses are prone to thinking things like, "I could combine the intelligence and ambition of monkeys with the motive power of a pony, which would both win her heart and help me conquer the world!"...though perhaps the random nature of the other version owes something to this particular evil genius' being well out of his death.

Incidentally, that verse sums up perfectly the problems some Aspbergics have with I said in Pasadena in 1982, "E----, sure she likes flowers, but not at 3 a.m."