I Keep Meaning to Tell You

By JoCo September 11, 2006

Office zombies – find the most depressing one and that’s probably you!

Len’s been putting some more posters and T-shirts into the Zazzle JoCo store, a bunch of nice stuff from the whole VTAW series. And Glenn sends in this photo of one of these posters nicely framed, just so you know.

From Mike (who made the Mr. Fancy Pants video), here’s one for I’m Your Moon.

Ruth throws her hat into the JoCoPro ring with a video for When You Go made using The Movies.

Ryan sends in this interesting use of Re: Your Brains, some video from what looks like a grueling bike race. After a while of watching this, I started to feel like I was watching some kind of well-organized, bike-riding zombie attack.

A child of a certain VTAW artist sends in this rendering of JoCo as Lego person.


Glenn says

Oh my god. The office zombies ALSO glow in the dark. I must have!

I need one-stop-shopping for the web.

Spiff says

The opening part of that "When You Go" video is great. Very film noir-ish. Boy, if they made The Movies for Mac, I'd be all over it.

Glenn says

Whoa, 159 views. The poster photo has finally (and widely) surpassed my photos of you and Hodg-man in Flickr.