VTAW – Make You Cry

By JoCo September 9, 2006

Len goes all dark and creepy. A creeped-out world says: “Yipes!”


Matt says

That's quite the powerful image. I like how it's not 100% clear which character this is. It could be the psycho or the person he's trying to make cry. The decision you make regarding who it is changes the picture. Very good.

Len says

Interesting take, Matt. I hadn't even considered the dual role of the image. Cool observation!

Paul says

Caption: "A young Hermann Rorschach struggles with life's ambiguities..."

code monkey #375531.6 says

I don't really understand what Matt described. I am listening to it, and I only hear the person who wants to break a second person's heart.

Zro says

@code monkey
I think what Matt is saying is that it could be a picture of the sad person who is singing the song, or it could be the person that he is singing to, after he has made her cry.

It really does change the picture. That's pretty cool. Especially considering Len didn't intend it that way.

mike says

Is that blood or tears. Because if its blood than it would fit as an afterword to the song quite well.