Thing a Week 49 – Make You Cry

ByJoCo September 8, 2006

Sometime in this week I found this guitar figure that hypnotized me into playing it for about a hundred hours straight. I wish I had picked something that was a little easier to play, because it drove me crazy during the recording process. My poor, stubby little fingers! I don’t think I’ve done a song for Thing a Week that’s just guitar and vocals, and this one seemed particularly suited to it, so there you are. It’s another love song from a crazy person – this guy wants to win the girl so he can punish her for not loving him. I guess. He certainly seems confused and angry and sad. Do NOT hang out with him.

And hey, before I go, in case you only read this feed and not the main site: I’m doing a concert in Second Life (the game/virtual world) on September 14th. I’ve been doing some rehearsals and it looks like it’s going to be pretty fun. Bring your virtual self. Details on this page.

Make You Cry

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Spiff says

The guitar is really wonderful.

Matt says

Wow. That's kind of scary and reminds me of somebody I know. Not a friend. Just somebody I am aware of and do not hang out with.

Spiff's right. The guitar is great. I imagine your fingers are swollen and arthritic now.

JonTurner says

Jonathan, that's as beautiful as it is sad. Quite a contrast in another amazing tune. Reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on it... maybe something by Knopfler. Anyway, it's a catchy riff. I can understand how it got its hooks in you!

It drives me nuts to hear such thoughtful, impressive music as your and yet the radio airwaves are filled with shit from Bubble Gum Boy Band or Yodeling Slut Of The Week or whoever. I know they call it "paying your dues" and you're going to make it big, but it's still not fair.

Now, on a different subject, can I ask you something? Would you consider sharing some info about your recording setup and/or talk a bit about your effects chain? You capture such a wide variety of tones, both acoustic and electric and you've got a hell of a nice voice -- I'd like to know how you get it all on, uh, tape or disk or whatever and put it together.

Just curious.

Paul says

Should have called this one, "The Stalker's Anthem"!

Orkendark says

The basic riff reminds me of Rusted Root's - Send me on my way.

At least I think it does, I haven't heard that song in years.

Sean Worle says

That IS a nice guitar riff.
The level seemed a little high on this one... I noticed that the song seems to "buzz" in a couple of spots where the amplitude was probably pegged. I don't know if it was in the recording or in the mixing, but it seemed to be in the guitar track.

I second Jon's question. I'd be really curious to hear about your recording set up. What software your use, mics, sound cards. I've been setting my own little cheapo mini studio up, but I don't really know what I'm doing, and it'd be interesting to hear from someone like you who's done so well at it.

Kathleen says

heh, my favorite songs of yours are always the crazy love/break-up songs. Another great one for the repertoire!

Paul says

I have not encountered one single person who hasn't felt something like this at one time. It's creepy sure, but it's life. It's just, hopefully, not as chronic as it is in our hero from the song. The only thing that could make it better is a change in the character -he's the same at the end as where he was at the beginning, and as such leaves me wanting more. But to be sure, that in no way detracts from the fact that this song is brilliant, and that it's another TAW that i can't stop listening to.

Jeremy Henty says

@JonTurner - are you saying that "Yodeling Slut Of The Week" is taken? Darn! Now I gotta change the name of the stage act again!

Heather says

Not to sound all obsessed but I am so in love with your voice. I am into lyrics and the sound of a clear voice that can sing anything with or without music and you do that. I love to listen to you sing. I wish you were closer to FL so we could see you in concert. Anyway... The guitar is awsome. Thanks for another great TOTW.

Oh 2 questions
1. When are you taking your break and how long will it be?
2. When will the cd's be ready from the TOTW?

Misty says

Where can I get one of these Yodeling Sluts?

Glenn Peters says

Sean, Jon, etc.: JoCo describes his recording setup in the FAQ

JoCo: I've been listening to Famous Blue Raincoat over and over lately. Not sure what this means.

Kodamakitty says

Another great addition!

Orkendark - I totally thought of "Send me on my way" by Rusted Root when I heard the song for the first time. In fact, I downloaded a live version of "Send me on my way" along with Coulton's "Smoking Monkey" album on emusic. Good stuff!


Orkendark says

I'm gonna have to go dig through the old music to check and see how close it really is :) I think that one might even be on cassette tape.

You see kids, cassettes were these things with spools of magnetic tape, on which was recorded music, that could be played both forward and reverse, AND get eaten by your tape deck. Then you'd either cut it out, and give up, or you'd try to carefully pull it out, slip a pen through one of the holes, and wind it back up. Good times. Maybe I'll tell you about 8-tracks when you're a little older.

TheRadford says

JC - you're sick and I love it.

LoRe says


Please stop dredging up my old love life. It makes me uncomfortable.

dlawbailey says

Wow that's nice.

That almost Hawaiian-slack-key guitar and a really nice melody (sweetly sung, of course) combined with "oh-god-what's-going to-happen-next" lyrics".

A success.

Troubador Quality, only a mouse click away.

Bill Hayes says


Just came across your site via a friend linking to the W's Duty song, and hence the blogrolling continues. I started a blog fairly recently and I'll be blogrolling you and coming back to listen to more of your music. The sort of music you create is the kind of music I wish I could.

Also, to be on topic, Make You Cry is excellent, the guitar playing impresses me and the vocals are, of course, spot on. I love the concept and what you've done with it.

Thanks, it's great and much appreciated.

underground hypnosis says

Then you’d either cut it out, and give up, or you’d try to carefully pull it out, slip a pen through one of the holes, and wind it back up. Good times. Maybe I’ll tell you about 8-tracks when you’re a little older.