JoCo Collaborates for Once

By JoCo September 8, 2006

Our good friends Paul and Storm, who also do a song a week for an actual radio show on the actual radio, were kind enough to invite me to participate in their song for this week. Actually, just Paul, because Storm is on his honeymoon. Storm totally hates me.

Anyways. Paul came by yesterday with some lyrics and we worked out some chords and I recorded a little guitar business. He then went home and dressed it up with some singing and percussive shaking. The result can be heard here (it’s the metaphor love song).

A note to those of you who hear it and say, “Hey, that B section sounds just like the B section in Flickr! WTF!” Well, yes, that’s because I only have a couple of ideas for a B section and that’s one of them. When it’s time for a B section, old Coulton likes to pull out the old bVII-IV-iv-I trick – he doesn’t even need to dust it off, because it was just used a couple of songs ago. To be clear, Paul and Storm didn’t steal from me, I stole from me. I’ll be suing me, and will probably settle out of court to avoid the legal costs.


Dave says

"I’ll be suing me, and will probably settle out of court to avoid the legal costs."

You could be the next John Fogerty!

Len says

Wow. I was just listening to Paul and Storm yesterday. And wearing their clothing. Here is proof:

And now, I come here and they the lead post for the day. I think Paul and Storm are taking over my brain.

Great song! Mind if I play it on the show? :)

JoCo says

Fine with me - I suspect Paul and Storm would be fine with that too, but I probably shouldn't speak for them. On account of the pending lawsuit.

Spiff says

Is this song this week's Thing A Week?

JoCo says

Oh no my friend, I've got something else cooking. Stay tuned...

Eric Ginsberg says

Spiff asked my question. John answered my question. Why am I writing?

Zach says

I'm with Len--I was listening to "Opening Band" as I read this! Bizarre!

Besides that, it sure is a funny song.

Matt says

"Actual radio?" Radio ... radio ... that's still going? I thought they'd have shut it down by now. Aside from the Bob & Mark morning show on occasion, there's nothing on the radio worth listening to any more. And, yes, I realize I'm the only person who knows what I'm talking about when I mention Bob & Mark so there's no need to point out my obscure Alaskan references.

Liam says

Cool! One of my long standing favorite singers (Paul Sabourin of Paul & Storm, previously of Da Vinci's Notebook, previously of a little known DC group in which he sang with me, about 15 years ago) singing with one of my new favorite singers (JC, with whom I believe you're all familiar?) singing together!

How cool.


Jeremy Henty says

Johnathan, I would like to offer my services to both of you as legal counsel to help you sue each others' ass off. I am prepared to work on a "no win, win fee" basis, so if you both lose then neither of you has to pay! Of course, if either of you wins then I'll sue you both for the cost of services rendered to each of you and to other one of each of you too! It's a win-win-win-win situation, albeit only for me. You, the other you, your other you and the other you's other you will all get stuffed. Sorry, but that's how the law works for (all four of) you!