Thank You Seattle

By JoCo September 3, 2006

What a great show. Thanks to Xander for the hookup, Jewelbox for the venue, Jeff for the sound, and Jennifer and Matt for the merch table help. I shall return…


Gle3nn says

Is it at all possible to set up something like this for your visit to LA?
Please oh please oh please oh pleeeeeeease?

CJH says

I was unable to make the show Saturday, although we were able to catch you briefly rocking the house (hooray brains!) at the 826 benefit. I'm relieved to hear you'll be back, and hope you can make it soon -- and to a bigger venue, he typed hopefully?

Darth Paradox says

Definitely a bigger venue. We packed the house! (I got the impression that they had to turn people away, but we might have fit perfectly - I'm not sure. There certainly weren't many seats to spare.)

Thanks for a fantastic show!

Tycho Brahe says

It was an unbelievable show - I think you would be an amazing match for a thing we hold up here at the end August every year. It's sort of a nerd thing, but you make songs about zombies and code serfs so I think we can find common ground.

Chris says

Wait! Tycho was there? why did I not see him? Was it because I put a bee in his ear last weekend? I would love to see Coulton at PAX next year, rockin' out with Frontalot and the Minibosses!

Tycho Brahe says

That is what happens in my fantasy.

A good friend of mine is a constant colunteer at 826 Seattle, and we were able to get out to the show at his urging. Now I've listened to the entire Coultonomicon for two days straight and I feel like we need to get him back out here.

Tony Fabris says

Jesus Christ, Tycho, were you really at the Saturday show?

Damn, I've been a fan for so long, I wish I could have chatted with you. I wouldn't know what you looked like in person, though. Guess you get that a lot. You guys are like KISS, you can go anywhere and people don't recognize you. :-)

And I agree, PAX would be an UTTERLY PERFECT venue for Coulton.

JC: It was a fantastic show. Thank you so much. Please come back soon.

Tiffany says

OMG NNOOOOOO!!! I just got hooked on your music and the first chance I get to check if you're playing in Washington is the day after you play Seattle! And I missed it ! Ever feel like fate's bitch? Please say you'll come back sometime soon. I wouldn't mind if you ate my brains, your music is like sweet nectar for my ears.

Sorrowfully from Washington

Nick says

It seems JoCo now has fans over at Tycho mentioned that he was wondering what you were doing next August . I think he wants you at the Penny Arcade Expo. Which would get you LOTS of attention and possible people buying your music.

Camilo says

I hadn't heard anything by you before, but I came here courtesy of Tycho's link at PA, and I've really liked a lot of what I've heard. Also, I really appreciate that you've put lyrics and tabs up for some of the songs right here so I don't have to go searching/ figuring it out afterwards when I try to pick them up.


PS: I hope your site/ servers are strong like bull.

Chris says

I have a feeling that JoCo is gonna get wanged... woot!

Alex says

Wow, and I just sent a whole long email to JC about the mention on Penny-Arcade, my favorite webcomic of how awesome he is. The fact that PA and JC have run into each other is an immensly serendipitious event that just brings me great joy.

Anoneemouse says


Liene says

C'est pas juste!

I'd been living in Seattle, thinking that maybe someday, someday you would be there. Knew I'd miss the Bumbershoot bit, but okay, I thought; it's not a real actual exciting concert. Maybe someday he will be here again!

And then you were. So soon! But, uh, on the 30th, I left for a year in France. And so I was not there for any of it. Not at Bumbershoot; not at the perfectest little theatre I ever did see which is SO walking distance. Not whatsoever. And so now clearly I'm going to have to hook French people on your music so that we can demand some sort of bizarro European tour. Good; some worldwide spread...

However, my boyfriend was there (I ... strongly encouraged him; I have been peppering his ears with your music) with the Amazing sign (we opened the newspaper one morning, and I said "NICK! We must take this around sometime and take pictures of people or things with it! It is HILARIOUS" And we hadn't -- I think you're the first). And I have pictures. And I will be happy with that. For now...

oohhhhhhhh, mais c'est pas juste.

LoRe says

It was a very nice show and I had great fun and my friend and my other friends had fun too and I had a beer and giggled myself red in the face and that was fun except it was too hot in the back and then we got to go to Mt Rainier and hike our asses off so that was also fun except for the eat your brains chorus which we had to chisel out of our heads with Def Leppard songs loud in the woods because the Osmonds weren't cutting it wasn't it a beautiful weekend here I hope you had a fun time with your friends thank you love Laurie

Astrog33k says

You should definitely come rock out PAX. It's a very niche audience, but a very large one - this year was 19,000 people and next year's convention center will be multiple times larger.

dlawbailey says

Jonathan Coulton has the voice of a Vicodin-addicted angel and his lyrics are so cunning that foxes with advanced degrees in cunning from presitgious universities blush to consider him a colleague.

He can introduce you to hot babes.

Buy his records.

dlawbailey says

Just to clarify.....

I'm not saying that Jonathan Coulton *will* introduce you to hot babes. He is, after all, a legitimate troubador and nothing else.

I'm just saying he could.

He did a wonderful job at 826 and I especially liked the Jewel Box show. I didn't know his music as well as I should have before the show and it was very strange to be moved nearly to tears by a song about a giant squid - but really, really nice.

dlawbailey says

Further clarification:

Okay, so it just occurred to me that if you're on this site you probably already have bought his Jonathan Coulton's records, obviously, and it's hardly my place to tell you to buy more, so I'm sorry.

I'm new here and I was trying to make a good impression.

Matt says

I do believe it would be a good idea for everybody to have 2 or 3 stashed in strategic areas around their homes then 1 for the car and 1 behind glass for emergencies.

TheRadford says

JC, you were, as always, awesome, and we in Seattle are graced by your presence. Please to be coming back soon and making us cry about the squids. BFF!! JC 4EVA!!!

Blake says

Jonathan Coulton and Penny Arcade crossing streams. This is crazy because they are respectively the two sites I visit every day (even though I know they either don't post on days beginning with T's or are randomly updated). I think it would be perfect for you to perform at PAX. I no longer live in Seattle but I can just imagine how determined I would be to go to PAX if you were there. I have a feeling many of PA readers are also JoCo fans but I really hope this does add to your fanbase, you deserve every bit of respect we all give you.

Andy says

Wow, I feel like an enormous ass. I created the "Seattle" Eventful thing and completely missed out on this. Still, I will be living in Seattle in a couple weeks (right now I just live in the area), and will make sure I don't miss out on your concert updates. So, I'll hold you to your "I shall return…" statement.

Also, a PAX gig would be totally awesome. Thousands of nerds in a room, all full of Bawls (energy drink) and dancing to Mandelbrot Set would just be too perfect.

Glenn Peters says

dlawbailey, please tell me more about how Jonathan Coulton can introduce me to hot babes. This intrigues me, not only because the babes will be hot, but also Coulton-endorsed (with the implied corollary of Coulton-approving) and that would be wonderful.

dlawbailey says

On the Hot Babes:

Naturally, Jonathan Coulton is a chick magnet. His song "Millionaire Girlfriend" is actually based in reality. Not everyone knows that. Although I think he had to break it off with her.

Either that, or it's just a made-up song.

In any case, while briefly in his company, I found myself surrounded by attractive and erudite women. Many were spoken for - so watch your Ps and Qs - but one could scarcely do better, I think, than to be in a crowd that self-selects for a love of eloquence and humor.

Also, Coulton is married so he can't take all the hotties for himself.

Spencer says

Oh man, I just saw something on Hodg-man's website that said you were going to be in Portland, OR on October the 10th.

Is this true, or is he just spouting more of his made-up "expertise"?

Because, oh man. I'll be there like a Care Bear.


Segue says

Okay, so 3 years ago I ask you if you will ever ever play Seattle and you said "Nope" and now you come and play at my favorite venue (Jewelbox) while I'm at BurningMan (which I wouldn't miss for the world incidentally).

Please come back and play again, just not on Labor Day. Thanks.

Evin says

OK. I begged. I pleaded. I even gave my e-mail address to a suspicious looking spam-generator. I read the spam it generated (telling me you were going to plan not one, but two shows in Seattle.)

And I still didn't divorce the wife, sell the car, and move heaven and earth to be there. . .

Sheesh, I feel like such a loser. . .