And Another Thing

ByJoCo September 2, 2006

If anyone would like to man (or woman) the merch table for me tonight at the show, I would be grateful enough to give you something free, maybe a shirt or a CD or a kind word. I’m in and out of range today, but if you’re interested, email me by clicking that Contact link up there…


Michael says

Are you playing at the Jewel Box in Seattle tonight? That's what I thought I heard on KUOW yesterday, but I don't see you listed on the JB's website, nor is it in your list of upcoming performances...

Chris says

Michael: read some of the previous posts - you'll see the conversations about a possible show in Seattle, and the final location decided upon :)

Eric Ginsberg says

Jonathan Coulton sucks at keeping the upcoming events section of his website updated. Hey, Jonathan, you hear that? Eric's talking smack about you. Get on it.


JoCo says

Yeah, yeah. I'm kind of busy getting my fans to do all my work for me, so you know...

Micheal: Jewelbox, 8PM. Too last minute for them to get it into their calendar. Mine too.

John Dietz says

I want to just say, my wife and I went to the performance tonight at the Jewelbox in Seattle. It was a full house, we counted nearly 60 people jammed into a fairly small space. JC was great, I want to thank him for making the time to squeeze in the show, and all the fans who helped make it happen. If anyone has a chance to see JC in person, I highly recommend it, we had a really good time. Either that, or we drank way to much beer.

Michael says

Just for closure: I did manage to catch the show with my wife and a friend. This was their first exposure to JC (I was two songs ahead, having heard you on KUOW). We all thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Thank you, Jonathan, for a most entertaining evening.

Cheyenne Wright says

It was a great show -- He played everything I hoped he would. A perfect set. And the place was packed. Just imagine what we could do with... oh say... FIVE days notice.

We would be like gods....

Tony Fabris says

Yup, a fantastic set.

JC, I'm going to have to cover that popsci song about prescription drugs. Awesome. I was videotaping you to make sure I got the chords right. (The later verses, once YOU were getting the chords right...) :-)

Thank you so much for coming to Seattle. Please come back soon.

Chris says

Very much agreed - awesome concert. Now that you see what your audience can be, maybe you can stop by Seattle a little more frequently? :) I'm sure, given notice, we could pack a lot larger joint with screaming and cheering fans.

I do have one complaint about your TAW1 cd though: not enough white space for a proper signature :p