We Got the Beat

By JoCo September 1, 2006

John Hodgman and I will be on KUOW’s “The Beat” this afternoon – I think the show is at 2 PM Pacific time. Listen up!


Chris Radcliff says

According to their site, audio will be available for download at 3:05 Pacific: http://www.kuow.org/programs/thebeat.asp

I listened to the last bit live, but missed most of it. Yay for time shifting!

dunsany says

Caught most of it, can't wait for the show tonite!

Ginny says

I heard you for the first time today. Love your music and plan to listen much more. Thank you for rocking.

Zro says

I heard you before I read this, an awesome suprise! and i caught the whole thing. Welcome Ginny, and I agree with you.

Thank you for rocking.

Brian Dear says

Did I hear right, the interviewer saying "Jonathan Coulter" at least half the time?