Thing a Week One

By JoCo August 31, 2006

Now available at CDBaby, and eventually it should find its way to the iTunes Music Store and other digital music outlets. What a nice gift this CD would make for everyone you know!


Gle3nn says

I just bought mine. Yeehaw!!!

Glenn says

I'm likely to wait until I can get one signed. If I can wait that long...

Tony Fabris says

JC, is there a chance you'll have your own stash of physical copies of TAW1 at the Seattle events this Friday and Saturday? If so, I'll buy my copy directly from you.

JoCo says

Yes, I will have copies with me on Saturday, and I think someone will have them for sale at the Bumbershoot thing on Friday.

Emma says

Holy cow, out of stock *already*?

Gle3nn says

I am impressed with how quickly I received my cd, plus the email I received confirming my order was very cool.
The sound quality difference was surprising. I didn't expect that much difference in sound. It's wonderful.
Is there any chance of getting these recordings in vinyl?

Wesley says

Just tried to purchase one from CDBaby but it says they're out of stock. :(