Sweet, Dark Roasted, Sumatran Success

By JoCo August 31, 2006

We did it! Thank you so much to everyone who chipped in with ideas and phone numbers and offers to host a show somewhere. As it turns out there were a number of options and in the end I just picked one – no offense to the venues and house concerts that I won’t be playing at. Thanks especially to Eventful.com for getting the word out to all the Seattle demanders.

So it’s official – I’ll be doing a full-on, Coulton-only acoustic show at The Jewelbox Theater SATURDAY at 8 PM (this is a 21 and over place, so bring your fake IDs – just kidding, stay in school kids). Tickets will be 10 bucks, and I believe they’re only available at the door. I’ll have CDs (including TAW1) and shirts and a fistful of songs. Rawk!


Glenn says

Curse this black schedule that devours the souls of men!

Are you going to have TAW1 CDs there as well?

Darth Paradox says


This is 8 PM Saturday, right?

Tony Fabris says

Yeah, um, JC, you might want to edit that entry and put the word "Saturday" in there somewhere as clarification. :-)

Anyhow, I'm thrilled about it, and I'll be there at the Jewelbox with bells on.

Tony Fabris says

Awesome, Saturday it is, then. Hey, there's a great Mexican restaurant just nearby there, right on the same block: http://www.mamas.com . Very popular, very good. Worth checking out.

Tony Fabris says

And Glenn, in the TAW1 thread, he said that yes, he'll have TAW1 CDs there. Excellent.

Darth Paradox says

Oh, one more thing. When (and where, I suppose) are tickets available? If it's any earlier than at-the-door, I'll have to consider picking them up early just to make sure it doesn't sell out before I get there!

Patty says

Sweet sassy molassy! Yes, please let us know if tix are available ahead of time! I can't wait!

JoCo says

Updated in the post but: I think tickets at the door only, and yes, I will have TAW1 with me. Tony: please do not wear actual bells.

Tony Fabris says

Aw, darn.

Zro says

I know this is way to much to ask. But I'm a huge fan in Seattle and 15, I've been waiting forever for you to come to the area and would like to here more than just the you talking+1song that you will be doing at Bumbershoot, is there any way possible for me to get in with out needing to get a fake ID? Or maybe if your still in town do a Sunday show at one of the cafes that volunteered to host you. (Again, I know this is way to much to ask) Thank you very much.

Chris Radcliff says

Fantastico! We'll let the Eventful demanders know...

Jennifer says

Hey all, I called the Jewelbox and the gentleman there said they only sell tix at the door. I then asked when the box office opens, and he said that there's another show there prior to Coulton's at 4:30pm, so they probably won't open the box office again until 7:00 or 7:30.

Tony, that place looks like it has potential (and anything in Belltown ought to be good). It'd be fun for the Jonathan Coulton fans to meet up and have an early-ish dinner together before standing in line for our tickets. Nothing makes standing in lines more tolerable than a sated stomach... and it could be nice meeting the fellow fans! Who wants to come?

JoCo says

Erg. Zro, you have officially broken my small, black, lump of a heart. But I'm not sure there's anything I can do given the situation with the law and everything. And I've reserved Sunday night for hanging with the folks I know in town, so this will be the only show. The house manager is supposed to call me to talk about details and I'll bring it up with them, but I'm not optimistic...

Cheyenne Wright says

Geeklings in Seattle who stay-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That stood with us upon Saint Coulton's day

LoRe says

CW, I don't hold any manhoods cheap.

Jennifer, I like the idea -- dinner at 6:30?

Solarbird says

I have the worst timing ever. Because of getting hit while biking, I am missing Great Big Sea at Malkin Bowl in Vancouver, everything going on at Bumbershoot (including the emergency backup GBS show at the Flag Pavilion), and now JC at the Jewelbox. Someone please just shoot me now.

Chris says

I agree, Jen and LoRe - dinner sounds great! 6:30 should give us time to eat peacably. I have friends who want to come, but won't be able to leave Bremerton until the 5:30 ferry though...and I feel bad about starting off without them. It looks like we can make it up there by about 6:50ish, but I'm not sure if you guys want to wait that long for us...I'll see if I can get them to join me on the 4:15 ferry though. Hope to meet some of you JC fans out there some way though!

Jennifer says

Hrm.... in light of the fact that people are coming from all over to see this concert, and that I don't know how large this theatre is.... let's put it this way: I've seen too often the faces of people I've just turned away from my old box office post due to fire ordinances and an overstuffed theatre.

I think I'll err on the side of neurotic caution and get to the theatre early. Nothing like take-out delivered to a street corner where you're waiting in a line! I'm sure we'll all have a chance to hang out a bit before the show while waiting for the doors to open. Should be fun!

Zaiem says

The JewelBox theater website says it seats 20-60 people comfortably. What has the attendance been for other JoCo concerts? I have to work until 8, but I was hoping to bail quickly and zip to Belltown afterwards and be a bit late. I'm wondering if it'll even be worth trying.

John Dietz says

My wife and I are planning to show up in Belltown around 6pm and grab a bite before the show. If anyone else is planning to show up early, I'd be happy to try and meet up.

I wasn't sure JC would ever make it to Seattle, so I'd been trying to figure out how to get a business trip to New York. I guess I can hold of with that.