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By JoCo August 30, 2006

Short notice! For a long time I thought I wasn’t going to be staying in Seattle through the weekend, but turns out I am. At there are 50-something demanders for a show, so I’ll make this offer: if anyone can somehow find an appropriate venue that still, impossibly, has a slot open this Saturday night, I’ll play it. If you know a booker (or are a booker) email me and we’ll talk. I’m doing a radio interview on KUOW on Friday, so I’ll have that opportunity to promote it. And of course my mailing list of hundreds of thousands of Seattle residents.

OMG! This is totally crazy!


Tony Fabris says

Wish I had an "in" somewhere that I could get you a gig on such short notice. Sorry. :-( Although I've got a fan friend who'd probably pay you handsomely to do a house concert in his back yard. :-)

On the other hand, if you want anyone to ferry you around Seattle this weekend and show you the sights, let me know. And not in some weird stalker-fanboy way, either. Not to worry, the Ookla the Mok boys can vouch for me, ask 'em. :-)

Matt says

Since you're so close, you might as well just take a side trip up here to Alaska and then work your way back to New York through Canada. You could bring a video camera along and make a documentary about your trip, doing shows for cash and food along the way.

Marty Smyth says

Hell yes, I'd pay for a house concert. How much do you need?

Tony Fabris says

By the way, if you like indian food, I can hook you up with the best Indian restaurant in the area...

Glenn says

Oh no, I'm busy Saturday night too! Totally unfair!

Tony Fabris says

Just so you know, Marty is absolutely serious and would follow through. He could probably fill his back yard with friends who've wanted to see you for a long time. It wouldn't surprise me if the vast majority of those 50 seattle-area demanders on were a direct result of Marty proselytizing you to everyone who would sit still.

Marty Smyth says

Oh, I wouldn't say that. There were quite a few on eventful already when /I/ discovered it.
But, yeah, I would.

Sean McGuire says

Hey Tony, what (do you think) is the best Indian restaurant in the area?

Brendan says

I could be convinced to visit Marty again for something like this!

Chris Radcliff says

I've let the Seattle demanders know, so they might be starting their own discussion over at the Demand page:

Good luck!

Dana S. says

Jonathan, My good friend who lives in that area is connected to a fairly big promoter for the area. To tell you the truth, they primarily deal with hip-hop type groups but regardless, they have connections to tons of clubs and venues in the area. I will give my buddy a call as soon as I get a free second from work to see if we could possibly do some last minute planning for Saturday night! Besides, if you just play Baby Got Back you'll be "in" for sure! Besides, Sir Mix A Lot actually lives in the Seattle area so perhaps we could get some sort of collaboration going!! Could be VERY interesting... =) Just get back to me if you need any more help or I'll get back to you if I have any updates!

JoCo says

Awesome, awesome, awesome. The internet is representing. I think a house concert might be cool, but a more public kind of venue would be preferable...

Kurt @ Cafe Racer Espresso says

I just sent Jonathan an e-mail, but this might get to him sooner?
I've got a cafe in the Roosevelt/U=district that I can offer up for a show. It's not huge, but we can get a fair number of people in. Some of yous might even have been there for our open mic night on Fridays.

Let me know!


Mik says

Go Chris & Dana!

...Oh yeah.... & you too, JoCo! ;)

Dana S. says

U district huh Kurt? That'd be pretty sweet... good reviews I just read about your place as well... Approximately what capacity could you fit in there without breaking the fire code?? =)

Xander says


I've found an availability at the Jewelbox theater in Belltown (basically downtown). The space seats about 70 and I've been to a couple shows there.. it's perfect. The available timeslot is between 6-10pm on saturday.

I have the cellphone # of the booking manager for the theater (just got off the phone with her) and she's expecting a call. However I probably shouldn't post the #. I'll see if I can find an email address for you but feel free to email me first and I'll give you her contact info.

Xander says

(i've sent an email with contact info to it)

Chris says

omg! JC on this side of the country! and during Bumbershoot :p I'm in if/when you confirm a location! and I'll see if any of my friends (who don't regularly check your blog) are interrested. I can't wait!

JoCo says

Dudes and dudesses, this is totally going to work. I've gotten a few places from a few people, and I'm just trying to figure out some of the details. God bless you, you beautiful internet. I'll post an update when I figure out what's going on - thank you so much to everyone who's pitching in.

Cheyenne Wright says

I just talked to the Dubliner Pub in Fremont. They didn't book anyone this weekend because they thought bumbershoot would leech off to many patrons. Leaving the path open for us maybe...

(206) 548-1508 Irish / Jazz / R&B Contact: Ben

Patty says

Oh. My. God. I got this e-mail this afternoon and wasn't able to reply. There's a little place in Belltown that might be able to oblige -- Caffe Bella? I'll be in there tomorrow morning and could check, but honestly? If the Dubliner is available, that'd be perfect. DO IT! Oh good christ ... this would be so much fun.

Jennifer says

In Seattle all weekend? Does this mean you might have the time to enjoy one of the last glorious weekends our friendly little damp city will see until next June? It is, after all, a three-day weekend, and we all deserve some down-time. I'd recommend some kayaking around Lake Union. Even if you're completely unimpressed by the quirkiness of the local floating homes and the rarity of an 85-degree sunny day, the smarmy, tacky, and sometimes downright hilarious names of the many boats that will be out on the water will make it worth your while.

I have no help with venues I’m afraid. Though you could have an impromptu afternoon instrumental session in Carkeek park just for the hell of it. That might draw a stunning crowd, actually.

In closing: have a fantastic time in Seattle! Looking forward to the 826 event.

Cheyenne Wright says

CARKEEK PARK!!! yes!... that's just down the street from my house :)

Tony Fabris says

JC, you're something of a draw. It seems you're getting people to drive down to Seattle from Vancouver, BC:


LoRe says

Or, pfft, Tony: from Seattle to Portland.

Eric Ginsberg says

I don't have the "in" in Seattle. However, I too would like to applaude the internet (and the users thereof) for being a community. Let me know how the show goes! JoCo, I'll see you in week 53.


Glenn says

Portland! Portland! Portland!

Zro says

Whatever you're planning to do, please let us know soon! I'm sooooooo excited.

Aspera says

Woot! I am there... As soon as you say where and when... Hmmm.. how many of my friends can I drag along on such short notice... However big the venue is, I'm sure you'll fill it.

Tony Fabris says

Awesome. Okay, for those who might have reached this thread via someone else linking it, there is a top-level post at the main site announcing the details. It's the Jewelbox theater at 8pm. Details in this thread:

Brian Dear says

This is really exciting. I'm delighted to see that an event came about for the Eventful Demanders who hoped JC would play for them in Seattle.

I can't wait to hear about the show!

- Brian

Brian Dear