Second Life Concert

By JoCo August 29, 2006

OK, this is one that everybody can attend. On September 14th I’ll be playing a show in Second Life (the show starts at 5PM SL time, aka West Coast time). Yes: a virtual show in a virtual world with my virtual self, Yonatan Coalcliff. I’ve been hanging out in-world a bit and checking out the streaming technology and I have to say that it’s totally excellent (we used to say that about things – it means “mad cool,” or “radical”). Actually a number of Second Life musicians will be there too – the whole thing is being put together by Creative Commons and

I will be playing live from a secure, undisclosed location in the real world, but you will see my handsome avatar onstage at a venue called Menorca in the Second Life universe. You can also listen to the concert via a number of streaming type websites, and there is some talk of a real world party with video screens (maybe, I don’t know). The whole concert, audio and video, will be Creative Commons licensed, so feel free to record it. All the up to date info can be found in this wiki.

Guess what: it is the future. Here is what I look like in the future (easy ladies!):


Zach says

Er... time o' day?

Chris Radcliff says

The link for the wiki seems to be a dupe of the Menorca SLURL. What's the link to the wiki?

JoCo says

Right. Show starts at 5 PM SL time, which is also west coast time. I've fixed the wiki link above.

Glenn says

Hmmm. Might be worth trying to log in there again.

Mike says

Ah well, that would force me to log in to second life. I'll just catch you next time you're at Jammin Java.

Matt says

Fascinating. Perhaps I'll have to check out this "Second Life" thing.

Eric Ginsberg says

John, not for nothin', and I know you in the real world and all, but you look hot in the future. Not that I'm gay or nothin'. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. I like how, in the future, your arm is melded to your guitar. This gives me hope for you writing more music. I mean, as a practical matter, with a guitar welded to your arm, there's a lot of opportunity and not much else you can do.

I won't always be this way,

Russ Matthews says

Well, suddenly Second Life just became a hell of a lot more useful! ;) Lookin' forward to it.

Len says

When I used Second Life, my guy kept walking into walls. I hope not to be so stupid looking at the actual concert.

BTW, my Second Life name is....drum roll...Jawbone Radio.

Matt says

If your guy still walks into walls there, you could always just say he's doing the zombie dance. Nobody will question it.

Misty says

I'm digging the Bob Dole hand, it makes me hot. Although you would definitely lose your picking skills. But that's what telepathic strumming is for. Man, I love the future.

Bau Ur says

another concert...please please please? SL is much less flaky now.

JC+SL=Win says

Seconded! (no pun intended)