By JoCo August 29, 2006

Posters of at least one, maybe more, VTAWs are now available. This one is Len’s drawing for I Crush Everything, one of my favorites.

And here’s one for I’m a Mason Now, my other one of my favorites.


Glenn says

Woo! Now to make decisions (size, etc.) and make space.

Len says

Yes, slowly but surely I will be making selected VTAW's available as super deluxe prints. If there is any particular image that anyone would be interested in, let me known and I can get it up there. Thanks for the link, Jonathan!

Jeremy Henty says

Any chance of T-shirts? I'd kill for a "I Crush Everything" (front) / "Womb with a View" (back) combo!

Len says

Ask and ye shall recieve:*/product/235193651232558737

I didn't put the "Womb With A View" on the back, because I didn't know if many of those would sell. I can put "Womb With A View" on a seperate tee though.