826 Seattle Show

By JoCo August 29, 2006

Rapstar0 posts this in the forums, as I should have done in this space long ago (John and I are emceeing – well, John does the whole “talking” part of it anyway):

JoCo is playing in Seattle this Friday night, September 1, at a benefit for 826 Seattle, a nonprofit reading program. Also on the bill are Zach Rogue of Rogue Wave, Colin Meloy of the Decembrists, Smoosh, writers Dave Eggers, Daniel Handler (Lemony Snickett), and John Hodgman. Details at http://www.bookeaters.org/ or http://www.826seattle.org/. And it’s only $30!


Mike says

Any chance you could update your "upcoming shows" list as they all seem to occur in the past? Thanks!

JoCo says

Mike: ouch.

Glenn says

Wait until I have plans for Friday, then announce this -- pretty sneaky, mister.

Spencer says

Holy crap, Seattle? Decemberists? Snicket? Hodgman?

Good lord. This is amazing.

Darth Paradox says

Well, Glenn, it would appear that JoCo and JoHo (is that an approved nickname?) will also be in Seattle on the book tour on October 11th.

Me, I'm going to both. Woo!

Mike says

Sorry, I didn't mean it to be harsh. I just want to know when you'll be playing next...

JoCo says

Not at all, I'm a complete moron. I need to come up with a better way of listing this stuff. Maybe some sort of "calendar" or something.

Chris Radcliff says

Maybe some sort of "calendar" indeed. Until Eventful gets you a decent performer sticker, you could always mooch off my JoCoShows calendar:


It automatically adds any show you've attached to your performer record. I found the Bumbershoot show (from our Ticketmaster feed) and added it. I'm still waiting for the Second Life show to come in from their feed; if it doesn't happen soon, I'll add it myself.

If you'd like to add it to your site, click on "Stick calendar on your site" in the upper right-hand corner and cut-n-paste. Hope that helps.

Oh, and there's only one 't' in Snicket. (he says, envious of the Seattlites. Seattlians?)

Cheyenne Wright says

So, how much JoCo can we expect from this thing? Will you be doing a full set of your songs ? Or is more like you'll be onstage stumming backup to Lemony Snicket stories?

JoCo says

Well, not a lot of JoCo. I am the least famous person you'll see on the stage. Hodgman is hosting, and I will be, er, sub-hosting with him. From me you'll get a song and probably some noodling. Which is not to say it won't be a great show - if it's anything like the thing we just did at the Beacon in NYC (and it will be) it should be a highly enjoyable evening.

Tony says

My family & I just got home from the 826 Seattle benefit. It was a great evening. JoCo and Hodgman rocked...and I never thought the Hodgman would be pulling harmonies with JC!

My wife took some blurry, flashless pix of JC & me as he was kindly signing my TAW1 CD. He signed my daughter's ruler, too. :)

Great to meet you, Jonathan!