JoCoPro – Curl

By JoCo August 28, 2006

A video for Curl from Holger, Flickr-style. As Kerrin of JoCoPro says, if you don’t like photo montages that literally interpret the lyrics, you won’t like this one. Though I myself enjoyed the many photos of babies, rocks and houses…


Spiff says

It's got some clever stuff in it (-m +h), and the organic "curl" pictures were very pretty. The real crime here though is to go through the entire song without a single picture of the real Skipper ( I suppose the only excuse would be if Holger wasn't even American.

Oh wait...

Holger says

hehe, got me...
I was aware that there was a character named Skipper in Gilligan's Island (when I searched for skipper on wikipedia), but I apparently did not judge the cultural impact of this correctly... ;-)