PoMo Plushy

By JoCo August 14, 2006

This is actually the SECOND half-pony, half-monkey monster I’ve seen (thanks Sean). I think there might be a market for this sort of thing. Anybody know a good sweatshop?


bec says

I like ponies. I like monkeys. I don't think you used enough monkeys, though,

(Sorry, someone had to say it.)

Mike says

Isn’t it enough to know that he ruined a pony making a picture for you?

C4bl3Fl4m3 says

/me does a lot of screaming

(Sorry, it had to be done. It's actually incredibly awesome.)

dirkk says

So somewhere offscreen is a pony head with a monkey butt? What other disgusting horrors are lurking there?

Chris Radcliff says

bec stole my line, but I would still encourage using more monkeys. :)

Bonus points for using a pastel blue monkey.

Sean says

Isn't _one_ monkey too many monkeys, when you really think about it?

Annje says

Love the monkey/pony creation..I want one!!!

Doc Smiley says

My friend Shaughn made the one in the lower corner for his girlfriend.


He made a half monkey half pony monster to please her. And it did.

Sean says

Wait. AND his name is pronounced 'shawn' as well?

Have fun with coincidences!

Chris Glenn says

My friend Jay is currently in the process of making a third. Looks like a similar pony base, but with two monkey heads. He's designing it as a puppet, and all that's left is to core out the horse-half for his hand.

I just realized how profoundly icky that sounds.

I'm sure he'll send pictures when he's done.
Personally, I think you should find a manufacturer for pony-monkey monsters. They'd sell.