Hodgman Blog

By JoCo August 14, 2006

Holy smokes, dude is blogging now! It’s all over. All media are now under his sway. Watch his blog and mine for details on the upcoming paperback tour in Octoberish.


Matt says

Hmmm ... I hate to say this, JC, but looks like Hodgman has a bit of an edge on you in the whole world domination thing. "He who controls the media, controls the world" and all that. But don't worry. I'm sure he'll set aside New Jersey and a nice little section of the Swiss Alps for you.

Tree House Concerts says

Wow! JH's blog reveals that JC will be in LA on October 9th and SF on October 12th.

By my calculations with a crude astrolabe and slide rule, that would mean their private jet would have to refuel around the location of Monterey, California...home of the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

When this event occurs, I will broadcast their words and tidings to all of you using Morse Code.