Don’t You People Have Work To Do?

By JoCo August 14, 2006

OK, I just found two more videos I haven’t seen, these for I Feel Fantastic. This one is a guy lip syncing to the song (not so easy, is it pal?) and this one using clips from that Christian Bale movie “Equilibrium.”

In the interests of the world economy and just, I don’t know, general productivity or something, I must urge you all to please stop making videos and get back to your boring pointless jobs. Just kidding!


tomfoolry says

That Equilibrium video is a brilliant achievement composed from a brilliant song and an oh-so-close (with extra potential on top) to brilliant movie. Seriously one of the best music videos yet.

Kerrin says

The revolution has started, soon Jonathans' music video making minions will take over the world! With Jonathan leading us to the perfect utopia. Or was that just a dream I had? Either way, more videos are good.

Barbie says

Someone on here once said that we could make a musical out of JC's songs. For those of us who don't know how to make music videos, I say we start writing.

Len says

Wow. That second video is incredible. How did you manage to find that one?

Kerrin says

Yeah, let's make a JoCo musical in the vain of Mamma Mia or We Will Rock You!

The only troube I see is that JoCos' songs are so diverse in subject, it may seem a little random. I'm sure a good writter could sort that issue out though.

Or even better Jonathan could write a musical from scratch, I'm sure he has time to fit it in ;)

Eric Ginsberg says

I've got your musical right here:

Monkeys and Robots.

My Monkey, Code Monkey, De-Evolving.
Todd the T1000, Future Soon, Chiron Beta Prime.

Robots rule the monkeys (My Monkey), casting some out (Chiron Beta Prime), and putting others to work (Code Monkey). Then the pendulum swings (De-Evolving). One monkey dreams of a better (or worse) tomorrow (Future Soon), while another turns cyborg (Todd the T1000). All the while, there's a Romeo and Juliet-esque almost love-affair between a monkey and a robot (Big Bad World One, Out For Drinks, Beneath the Pines), which eventually ends badly (Someone is Crazy, 'Til the Money Comes, Seahorse).

You get the idea.


Ryan says

Just saw this in the local news...

I can't think of a better way to open the store than with a special JC appearance. ;-)

Bellman says

You know - I've been working (in my head in quiet moments) on a JoCo musical charting the rise and fall of an evil genius (starting with Skullcrusher Mountain and flashing back from there and eventually going into the future).

Maybe this is more than a pipe-dream, an maybe (just maybe) I'm completely bonkers for even thinking about it - but the voices in my head just won't shut up about it!

Jeremy Henty says

I must urge you all to please stop making videos and get back to your boring pointless jobs.

Yeah, because folks in boring pointless jobs are your main market. Fulfilment, or Coulton? Fulfilment, or Coulton? (/me plays Coulton tune for umpteenth time.)

Mike says

I, too, have been thinking of a musical a'la Moving Out, where it is a string of JoCo songs with action and no dialog. It's sort of a boy-meets-girl, evil-genius-kidnaps-girl, boy-rescues-girl kind of thing. But I can't think of an real triumph over evil kind of songs. The closest I can think of is "Mr. Fancy Pants." Any suggestions?

Eric Ginsberg says

Triumph over evil = Kenesaw Mountain Landis

Mike says

Yeah, I thought of that one, but KML already has a preset story with defined characters and is difficult to use to interpret to a generic battle.

Sammy says

Hahah, that's awesome. I'm the guy lip-syncing... Hahaha, I'm famous.