Lady Killigrew Poster

By JoCo August 12, 2006

Tim Fuller (a graphic designer in Cincinnati who would be happy to do some work for you or your firm) has sent in this poster for the Lady Killigrew show I’m doing in Montague, MA on 8/19. Click the small version below to get a full-on pdf file. Now, street team: go print out a bunch of these and put them up all over town. Also, please write next week’s song for me.


Elliott says

Done and done. By the way, next weeks thing is a soft rock cover of JLos "Love Don't Cost A Thing" Sorry, you get what you pay for.

Eric Ginsberg says

I'll write next week's song for you. In fact, I've already written it...yesterday. I thought to myself, when I was done, this could be a JoCo song. It's called "Maybe Means No", it's really upbeat, and you can read the lyrics in my blog if you're logged into myspace ('cause it's a "friends only" entry). If you like where it's going, I can do a rough version of it on my comp for you to hear the music, and if you like what you hear, you can record it for yourself. You promise us a Thing. You don't promise us anything more specific.

Your move, Trebek,

Lauren says

I'm trying to think creatively, but my sister made me watch Labrinyth, starring David Bowie in really tight pants, so I'm afraid you're on your own for this week., can someone get the music out of my head?

Chris says

Lauren: just listen to Mr. Fancy Pants over and over again. That should clear your head of any David Bowie evilness

JoCo: My idea for next week's thing is in the mail. I know my impromptu-ness doesn't sound as sophisticated as your work, but it's not bad for an engineer-in-training... :p

Jordan says

Here you go:'t%20You%20Change.mp3

Misty says


And 'no' means once with the light off.

Ryan says

Hey Jonathan -- how about playing a show in Cincinnati? We'd love to have ya here!

Eric says


"Perhaps play a little game called 'just the tip'. Just for a second, just to see how it feels."
-Wedding Crashers

Annje says

How about doing a song about walking along and finding a praying mantis walking the same direction as you? It's a thing...not sure if it would fit the criteria.. ;-)

Elliott says

wow, people really took that "write my song for me" part seriously. i think everyone wants oh sad badly to mooch some celebrity. admirable in its own way...

Jerod says

Hi Jonathan.

Ii just heard [about] you on WFCR this morning. I wish I could go to the Killigrew show!! But alas, I'll be out of town this weekend. Bummer. Looking forward to catching up on some of your music.