Thing a Week 45 – Mr. Fancy Pants

By JoCo August 11, 2006

I tried to write something else, believe me. But this stupid line about Mr. Fancy Pants having the fanciest pants just wouldn’t get out of my head, so I was forced to follow it through to whatever this is. I’ll warn you, it’s a short one. A nice little amuse bouche (but for your ears). Even so I kind of like it – some kind of strange morality lesson about beating Mr. Fancy Pants at his own game. Or something. Anyways!

Mr. Fancy Pants

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Dave says

Was your mind focused on pants because of the incident at Jammin' Java?

matt says

Yay, I got a new song to listen to while I'm away! Thing A Week V seems to be the best ever!

Shaded Spriter says

I have currently got it on a repeat...damn this an addictive song.

JoCo says

See what I mean? I really didn't have any choice...

And Dave: but of course.

Matt (The other one) says

Dude! That's some kind of freaky musical virus that's burrowed deep into my brain. The relatively abrupt end makes it perfect for looping into an eternal song. You're an evil man, Jonathan Coulton. EEEEEVIIIILLLLLL! (Aside from that, good work.)

Russ Matthews says

Almost insidiously catchy. I've been infected, just as many posters above. Fun song. :)

Joe says

Hilarious...also has to be track 1 on the Jonathan Coulton kid's mix. Somehow reminds me of one of those "wheels on the bus"-type songs. Except I could listen to it for hours.

Elliott says

wow. just wow. and i can't stop playing it. ever.

Orkendark says

Definitely different than your usual.

This is the first time I've thought of you as having a certain Weird Al-esque-ness-ism. (and other suffixes as well).

Reminiscent of the Weird Al Show theme song at times, probably just from the pacing of the lyrics. Then again, I may be insane.

Jeremy Henty says

NNEEUURRGGGH! Must ... keep ... playing ... SONG! Must ... keep ... giggling ... when ... hear.. "The best in terms of pants!".

The verbal dexterity of this reminds me of "I Feel Fantastic".

PS. You rock!

(Hey Mr. Fancy Pants)

Spiff says

Feels like there should be a third verse to it. The abrupt end leaves me wondering what's going to happen to poor Mr. Fancy Pants...

Matt says

I can't remember the official name for that abrupt end. Like unresolved verse or something like that. It's a psychological trick that drives your subconcious crazy because your mind "knows" there should be more. I think our dear Mr. Coulton did it on purpose to drive us all mad and further his attempts to take over the world.

Zaiem says

Agreed with you, Orkendark. I had an identical thought about the Wierd Al Show theme song. This, however, doesn't necessarily mean you're not insane. It just means that others may be as well.

dirkk says

With Matt.

The addiction this TAW promotes, definitively crosses the border of profane phenomena.

I will have to report this to your local religious authorities, I fear.

Bellman says

You know, this is even funnier over here in the UK.

That's what we call underwear. And the idea of an underwear parade... :D

Mike says

This is a song worthy of They Might Be Giants at their artistic heights. You just keep getting better and better at this.

Zach says

Mr. Coulton, you have finally gone over the edge, haven't you?

Jeremy Henty says

I swear JoCo will get me fired. I just know that sometime in the next week a colleague will consult me for an opinion on some important matter, and I shall without thinking declaim "He doesn't even have the best pants!". This darn song is so catchy it should be a controlled substance.

Mikari says

Why do I get the feeling this is going to become imfamous one day..

The only thing I'd say is the ending could of done with extending to being more upbeat which most the song is.

jujimum says

I guess I'll have to try it on loop because the abrupt end left me wanting more. I was just getting into it.

M_pony says

Scenario: JoCo releases a 'kids' album, featuring this track. Parents go blatheringly insane buying it. Videos of children dancing and singing this song flood into YouTube until the site crashes. People forget all about that chubby fella lip-syncing to the "Dragosta Din Tea" (my-a-HEE!) song. Things that used to make sense suddenly do not, and that which formerly made no sense suddenly does. Space and time collapses in on itself.

Yeah, way to go dude. "The best in terms of destroying the universe" is more like it.

Now I don't like my pants.

morrows says


I'm a BIG JoCo fan. But when I first heard this one, I was disappointed. Only a blithering idiot would enjoy this song. Wait a sec, I just have to play it again . . . Yep still junk . . . One more time . . . uh . . . ok again . . . Oh sh!t my kids just heard it. . . "Play it again daddy!" . . . again! . . . fancy pants! fancy pants! . . . anarchy . . . hey, this is kinda catchy . . . just one more time . . . again! again! . . . my God, kids are coming in from the street . . . FAN-CY PANTS!!!, FAN-CY PANTS!!!, FAN-CY PANTS!! . . . again! . . .

Great job JoCo, I don't think I'll ever get this one out of my head. Keep up the great music!!!!!


-blithering idiot

Paul says

Makes me think of the Kinks song, "Dedicated Follower of Fashion." Even though it's unique in its own right. Also wondering if you nailed the vocals in one "take" or if you had to do a little editing since it's such a fast tempo.

A different Paul says

Haven't you heard? Mr. Fancy Pants went on an adventure recently.

Bobcat2022 says

I love/hate this song. It is so dang catchy, and like other respondents I crack up every time at "The best in terms of pants". I babysit (to earn what the French call argent de poche) and I could not stop singing this to the kid I was babysitting. I think he liked it... almost as much as I do.

Bobcat2022 says

Sorry, hit enter too early... anyway, it reminds me of a computer game my siblings and I would play for hours when we were small, called Pantsylvania. It was a sort of 'sandbox game' for four-year-olds, which took place in Pantsylvania, the Kingdom of the Fancy Pants. This is the best Google had to offer on the subject: .

Also, what is the referred-to incident at Jammin Java, and will you be performing there again at any time? I live in that general area, so I'm sorry I missed the concert.

Griff says

VERY Weird Al-esque, as has been said above.

JoCo, I gotta tell you, your music makes me think of three main groups/singers: Weird Al, They Might Be Giants, and Barenaked Ladies. I have fantasies of you having a jam session with all of them; I wonder what would come out of that jam session!

mike says


mike says

whats his mr fancy pants real name?

Scott Mercer says

They Might Be Giants on line one...something about copyright infringement?...

Seriously, you even sound like John Linell here. I played this for a friend and told him it was a new TMBG song. He fell for it, no questions asked.

Mark R says

I just saw this one done live in Nyack, NY, last weekend...I just about wet myself. First I had to pick my jaw off the floor when he brought out the Zendrum...damn, he wasn't kidding, this is one expensive piece of kit! Totally worth it.

This stuff is reminiscent of TMBG, but also a lot of XTC (and their alter ego, The Dukes Of Stratosphear). Very interesting. "Brainiac's Daughter", anyone?