Jammin Java Bootleg

By JoCo August 9, 2006

David recorded the Jammin Java show and has broken it up into tasty song-sized nuggets for your listening pleasure.


Glenn says

I like how, when you say you notice kids in the audience, a bunch of people immediately say "oh, First of May".

Thanks, David!

Dave says

Thanks, Glenn. And thanks to JoCo for allowing me to record his show. I kept expecting for his security guys to rough me up!

Alex says

Awesome job Dave, I always manage to screw up my recording by laughing to hard or saying something to ruin the moment. And Don't worry, I'll have the video edited sometime, Im doing video editing at work and i dont want to edit any video when i get home, but that will change when I'm done with my job.

Elliott says

i wish people would do this at every show, i hate not getting to see Jon live. thanks so much for recording this.

PS- I also snorted when I heard him mention small children and the whole audience is like, "Ah, First Of May." A song that's been in my head for weeks btw.

Dave says

Alex, I can get a way with that because I don't find JoCo particularly funny. I just dig the beard.

Steve says

Has anyone thought of posting live JoCo shows to archive.org (this one with permission from JoCo and Dave)?

dirkk says

@Dave: thanks for recording this.
@JoCo: thanks for allowing this.

It sounds like JoCo and the audience had a lot of fun and both knew the lyrics by heart, fantastic.

Elliott says

ha! well the audience knew them for sure...JoCo may have had some mixups (love ya JoCo, to the end)

Katrina says

Dude, you totally soft rock my world!

You could come over to my house in your loose pants anyday! :D

paul says

i was going to remaster these to give them an even better sound, but then i realized i don't know how to remaster.