Mandelbrot Set Video

By JoCo August 8, 2006

The unstoppable JoCoPro continues to be unstoppable. Here’s one for Mandelbrot Set by Holger.


Spiff says

I think I liked that one the best so far. The quicker pacing of the song and the photos made it zippier. I have one suggestion if you don't mind, which is to try to avoid repeating photos if possible. The "hook" of a slideshow like this is that viewers want to see what new image they're going to see next. If sections get repeated exactly (like the z2=z12 + c section), then the viewer knows what to expect for the next couple of seconds and they disengage a bit. Even during a chorus, using different images each time will help keep the viewer engaged. Repetition is good if you're doing it on purpose to achieve an effect, like repeating the images at the end ("change the world in a tiny way" -- globe then legos then globe then legos). My two cents at least. :)

dirkk says

I am with Spiff regarding "I think I liked that one the best so far."

While I think he made his point I think it is ok to repeat a the series of pictures like the 'z' ones - if they are not exactly displayed as before. There could have been a special wipe, a different background colour, something that brings a meta pattern to them.

What I particulary dislike is to take every word literally (like 'form') - while this can be funny if used wisely, it can be annoying if it's not.

Kerrin says

My 2 cents, as the founder & maintainer of the JoCo Project.

When I produce a flickr video, I try not to repeat the images without good reason, but other authors of videos can do what they believe to be best.

As the two comments above prove, different people like different things.

I also tend to leave images on the screen for longer, so people have time to realize why it was shown, but there is good reasons why quicker images may be preferable sometimes.

I personly like to catch the viewer of guard with what image I display. I think the best way to do this is to show a series of images that the viewer expects, then a off the wall image.

I also agree that taking every word literally would be a mistake, but if used correctly, can be funny. I hope I get this correct in my videos, but I'm sure some people would say I don't (because that's the way things go on the internet)

Holger says

Thanks for your kind words.
Regarding the repetition, meh... I guess your right.

Normally I try not to repeat myself but this time I had real trouble finding fitting images for the chorus in the first time and I was to lazy to do it
again ;-)

With the z-picture series I like that fact that it's exactly the same, just to get the mathematical setting done. Normally I think I should have done it on a blackboard, but I didn't have one handy and again ... the lazy ;-)

I personally like fast pacing better and if you do a fastpaced video I believe it is better to take most of the pictures as literal as you can.

I think if you try to be too clever in a video where the picture are sometimes less then a second on screen, you easily loose the audience because they don't have time to really think about an individual picture.

In a video where the pictures are longer on the screen, like Kerrin's or the original FlickR you can send a more complicated message.
I personally avoid slow videos because I am afraid that I'll bore the audience if I don't find enough "clever" pictures.

over and out