Java was Jammed

ByJoCo August 7, 2006

Well, well, well. It looks like my first Jammin Java show was not actually a fluke – I appear to have the ability to draw a crowd over there in Vienna, VA. Hooray! Thanks to everyone who came out, it was another excellent audience with some fantastic singing zombies. Here is the set list for those of you who are keeping track:

The Future Soon
I Feel Fantastic
Baby Got Back
Skullcrusher Mountain
Millionaire Girlfriend
Tom Cruise Crazy
Womb with a View
Code Monkey
Re Your Brains
Kennesaw Mountain Landis
First of May


Zach says

Man, I wish I coulda gone to this one... damned Sunday rehearsals cutting in on my JoCo time! Can I request "Mandelbrot Set" for the next DC show?

Mike says

Thanks for doing the show. First time I've ever seen an opening act get an encore. You need to have a full show to yourself.

Heather says

Wow wow wow wow! I didn't catch you the last time, but I sure am glad I got to see you this time around! My fiance and I had such a fantastic time. You really do deserve to headline the next time around. I think half the place cleared out after you were finished! It was such a pleasure to meet you and chat for a few minutes. Thanks so much for the advice by the way. Can't wait to see you again soon!

Glenn says

Nice to see I Feel Fantastic in sets. I feel bad for it since it's not in its own album.

I hope there weren't any kids around to hear First of May and get the wrong idea.

Joe says

Yeah, that was an amazing show. I almost offered you my belt, but I thought that might be a little weird. A little weirder than some guy hiking his pants up every three minutes?
Is there a reason you weren't headlining the show last night? It really should have been Jonathan Coulton and Puppet Show, not the other way around.

Mark says

Awesome show! We left after you were done (shaking your hand on the way out). You could have filled a whole show just by yourself, and half my department would've come as well. There are plenty of techies around here for you.

Bob says

> Is there a reason you weren’t headlining the show last night?
> It really should have been Jonathan Coulton and Puppet Show,
> not the other way around.

At least he got a bigger dressing room than the puppets. :-)

Steev says

"Code Monkey" rules dude. First time I've heard your stuff, and just that song actually. But I love the line where you say the manager needs to write the login page himself. hahahahahahaha. dude, both middle fingers were up in the air.

I know what you're talking about!!!

Keep up the good work dude!