VTAW – Big Bad World One

By JoCo August 6, 2006

As far as JoCo likenesses go, this one’s pretty good. Though my actual chest is not as well defined.


Kerrin says

My only comment (other than a great picture as always) is how the C on the belt looks like a D.

Matt says

JoDo? Jonathan Doulton? That's not nice. I didn't really see it until you said it, but ... almost. Kinda. In a way.

Like I mentioned on the Jawbone site, I laughed so hard the pinched nerve in my back almost made me pass out.

For some reason this one brought back memories of elementary school when I had to write book reports that ended up being as long as or longer than the books themselves if you take the pictures out. I'd end up having to go off on random tangents making up back stories for somebody who never actually showed up in the book and how they actually played a pivital role in the main story. Yeah ... I don't think my teachers liked me too much.

Back on subject, my only complaint would be the period at the end of "Zero." It seems out of place. A comma would be better. Or add a period at the end of the second line too. Other than that, I wouldn't change at thing.

Dave says

Is there some cameltoe action going on there?

Len says

Should I add a period at the end of the second sentence? Or leave them out entirely?

Hehe..cameltoe...now that would be...weird.

Matt says

I think I'd leave them out all together and see how it looks.

Len says

I replaced the photo on my Flickr site without the period at the end of the sentence. It should update here, hopefully.

Matt says

I do like the one without the period better.

JoCo says

Should be updated now. Period, no period, at least Len thinks I have a big package.

Matt says

And in the end, isn't that all that really matters in life?