Video from ILL Clan Event

By JoCo August 3, 2006

The moment you’ve been waiting for, here’s some video from that event I did with the ILL Clan. You can see the opening monologue, the interview with me as a zombie, and the video they made for Re: Your Brains. Good stuff. I think this proves, we should all be big fat zombies.


Glenn says

Oh, so that's what UCB stands for. I liked Upright Citizens Brigade.

Bob says

Wow... you look terrible. :-)

Hmmmmm... is it just me or does the video of the performance not have the actual audio from the performance? It sounds like they just ran the original recording over the video.

Kerrin says

Awesome, wish I could have made it. That must have take a great deal of work to set up and produce!

David R says

Yeah, it's an awesome video, but I wish they had left the live audio, instead of pasting the original song.

Frank says

Would have preffered the live audio as well guys but the house was not able to record his audio (voice and guitar) for us that evening. I can attest that jonathan sounds great live (he really does sing under that beard) and that producing a live animated show with a musical guest is a great deal of work.