Total Disaster

By JoCo August 3, 2006

OK, I think it’s time that I admitted that quick links has been a real disappointment this time around. I’m quick, but my output stink. Turns out I also missed this video for Code Monkey posted in the forums, made with scenes from “Stargate Atlantis.”


Glenn says

Oh dear lord, I love that one. But... Zelenka? Clearly it should have been Sam.

Still, very well edited. I shall pass this along to SG:A friends.

Jennifer says

Hee. That was great, and I'm not even a SG fan.

In other news: JoCo, are you sure you're not part of Guyz Nite? Because this song and video for "Die Hard" are, like, your level of awesome:

Matt says

Hey, Jonathan! Just remember: It's easier to get on the ball after dropping it.

Spazure says

I LOVE IT!! Starring Dr. Rodney McKay as CodeMonkey, Dr. Zelenka as pretty girl, and Dr. Weir as big evil Manager Rob! Actually, I think McKay was the only one cast as the correct gender, rofl.

Erik Agard says

Ohh wow... that is a masterpiece.

Bob says

Great googly-moogly! Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!!! I'm at a total loss for words (and for me, that's no small thing).

I love all the different shots of McKay eating and drinking... he really does do a lot of that on the show. :-)

And I'm glad someone has finally had the courage to put a voice to all the obvious homoerotic subtext between McKay and Zelenka. ;-)

MO says

I loved it, I thought it was hysterical! I'm a big SGA fan and this song fits perfectly. There was another one on youtube that used it to show Zelenka's crush on Weir, but they just yanked it. too bad, the genders fit that song much better. It should be their theme song for those guys, though.