By JoCo August 2, 2006

I see a few of you are listening to TAW using Juice – apparently there’s some kind of fix that deals with feedburner feed problems and Juice. If you have these problems, I suggest you check this out. I cannot help you with your other problems.


Eric Ginsberg says

You can't help me with my chronic itching? Well, how about my dixelsya? No? Well then what good are you!? Spock/Bigfoot songwritin' m'er-f'er!

Thanks for trying,

Kerrin says

Oh, can you not help me with my desire to here a new song every week about seemingly random things, in an often humorious and inteligent way?

Fiona says

I haven't used Juice for long (I use it for listening my favorite WFMU shows - Dowtown Soulville & Do or DIY) but if anyone has advice on how to use it with TAW it would be great.