August Shows

By JoCo July 31, 2006

Please note two shows in August:

Sunday August 6th at 8 PM I’ll be back at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA along with Dean Fields. I really enjoyed myself last time I was there, so I’m hoping this will be a “triumphant return” and not a “terrible disappointment.”

Saturday August 26th at 9 PM I’ll be at MilkBoy in Ardmore, PA along with Jim Boggia. Jim effing RULES, so you would be a fool to miss this one.

I’m a little late publicizing the Jammin Java show I know, so if you have any sort of blog or radio show or newspaper or morning TV show (Matt Lauer, I’m talking to you here), I could use a plug or two. Thanks internet!


Dave says

Jammin' Java has sufficiently been plugged by me.

Maybe Lauer would talk about you if you wrote a song about him. Too bad Soterios Johnson fits the meter of that song so well...

Liz says

Am seriously bummed to miss the second JJ show - the fam will be on vacation 3000 miles away. Hope you can come back through this fall!

Mike says

I'm planning to see you at Jammin Java on Sunday. Will you have t-shirts, especially Re: Your Brains shirts, available there?

Glenn says

I miss Little Gray Books.

I'm also sad that was already taken.

Woe is me.

Christine says

Do you have any exposure or contacts with WXPN in Philly? Can Jim Boggia hook you up? Man, if David Dye liked you, that could be some great exposure, World Cafe and all.

J.R. Blackwell says

I will be there at Milkboy. This I swear before the whole of the Internet!

Barbie says

Jammin' Java day is my b-day! Yay!

Dave says

Great show tonight! The audience was every bit as receptive as when he played there in May, and JoCo was his usual excellent, although he nearly had a few wardrobe malfunctions.