VTAW – Under the Pines

By JoCo July 28, 2006

Aw, Len’s picture of Bigfoot holding Spock’s hand made me cry. I love the director guy at the far right who’s all: “Oh shit, this just got complicated.”


Matt Mobley says

Awwww. They make such a cute couple. It's too bad that Chupacabra slut came along and broke them up.

Great work, Len.

Jeremy Henty says

This VTAW is so awesome there aren't words for it. I mean, that moon, ...! But what *really* tickles me is the continuity girl saying "excuse me, but in the previous shot Bigfoot was holding Leonard's hand in his *left* hand and fondling himself with his *right* hand, but in *this* shot ...".

Erm, *cough*, just sayin' ...

Anyway, like a previous commenter said, "Great work, Len".