NJ Ready to be Soft Rocked

By JoCo July 25, 2006

Just a reminder I’ll be in Riverside Gardens Park in Red Bank, NJ tonight, playing and singing my adorable little heart out. Show starts at 6:30, I’m on at 7:45. Bring your moms.


Orkendark says

I am so going there, leaving my house in about an hour. Live JoCo!

Orkendark says

Sadly, my mom could not attend, but great show!

The chick who did the announcing before you went on was kinda just phoning it in though, so to speak. I never knew you went by the name John Corbett.

Was interesting to see you perform "I Crush Everything" with actual sailboats in the background. Unintentional I'm sure, but still amusing. www.hamhands.com/coulton-sailboats.jpg

Tragically, the ink from my pen sucks, so the autograph on Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow was smudged within mere moments :( www.hamhands.com/smudge.jpg

Hope you come round this way again soon, and I also hope the same friends that bailed on going tonight with the little woman and I realize their mistake before next time.

Eric Ginsberg says

Three words for you, my man: Fri, ckin', awesome! You were a good time and a half (dude, AND a half!). We'll have to do it again some time. There were a good number of people there. The park is big, so lots of people scattered are like the kids' vegetables all over the plate. I did a head count. Rounds-about 200 at a given moment (not counting the fact that people were coming and going all evening). You brought out a great number of people, on your own, as well. I could tell who came to see you 'cause we were all singing along to the verses! And you made George's night with the sing-a-long on Re: Your Brains.


Dave says

Can anybody provide a setlist?

Orkendark says

From memory, it was (note, this may or may not be -probably not- the actual order played, but these were the songs. A nice round 10, if memory serves)
Baby Got Back --- which by the way offended the woman sitting behind me, right on!
Future Soon
Tom Cruise Crazy
I Crush Everything
Skullcrusher Mountain
Re: Your Brains --- sung by a chorus of hundreds! or tens! perhaps fives. Ok, so I wasn't paying adequate audience attention.
Code Monkey
Millionaire Girlfriend
Kenesaw Mountain Landis

TV's Adam says

I enjoy Jonathan Coulton, for he rocks.

I enjoyed Jonathan Coulton in Red Bank, from whence he rocked.

I enjoy his CD, what I purchased for the price of ten United States dollars.

Enjoy is a thing which I do in regard to Jonathan Coulton.

Eric Ginsberg says

I mini-disced the performance, so, JoCo's approval pending, I'll try to make MP3s this weekend. Oh, and TV's Adam...I enjoy you, and your mad finger-rolling skills on all my tracks.

Jen says

I was there, and it was great!

I've had "Re: Your Brains" stuck in my head ever since... I've managed to get it out a few times, and then one of the guys I was there with starts singing it, or will ask, "so, whaddya guys wanna do?" (And there's only one answer for that.)

Anyway, we were singing along, and it sure sounded great to me! Rock on, and I hope to see you in this area again soon!

Alex says

Hey Jon, if your free tonight, sat, or sunday you should come down to the ucb for the del close improv marathon, its 20 dollars for the whole week. You might enjoy it and get some ideas also, delclosemarathon.com/dcm8/index.php?option=cal&venueid=1