Code Monkey like Closeups

By JoCo July 18, 2006

Over at JoCoPro there’s a new video for Code Monkey. In case you’ve been wondering what this fellow Kerrin (or the receptionist in his office) looks like, now is your chance to find out. Kerrin is also trying to figure out a way to organize a week long UK tour in November for old JoCo. I have no idea if this will work or not, but it would be really fun if it did – especially if I don’t have to do any work to make it happen. It’s a question of convincing enough people to pay me enough money to cover airfare, lodging, and hopefully a bit o’ profit in the bargain. So if you own a music venue in London and you want a piece of that action, get in touch with him.


Glenn says

I really like the close-up cut to the keyboard.

Hey, I have that t-shirt!

Brian says

As a fully paid up, card carrying UK person, I do hope this idea will work. Unfortunately I do not own a music venue in London.

Lola says

Does my lounge room count as a venue!?

Here's hoping we see you over here in the not too distant future - the UK loves you too ya know!

Oshkosh says

That video is simply disturbing.

Kerrin says

The venue doesn't have to be in London, Jonathan is just letting his American show through.

Lola, if you pay enough, I'm sure we could arrange something, although it would be nice if we had venues that could hold more than 5 people ;)

I had a lot of fun making this video, I recommend it to anyone. And if anyone does make a video, I would be happy to host it.

Mika says

If you're going to tour the UK why not make it a couple of weeks, do 4-5 shows and have a good look round the old place? Start at the bottom and work your way to the top. While it may seem like a lot of hassle you really do need to see more than the crappy streets of London and tourist traps.

You haven't lived till you've seen the highlands of Scotland and driven 5-6 hours straight watching the sun rise and the country side roll by.

Plus if you stay in the middle theres less ocean, so maybe we'll see less songs about aquatic animals and more about sheep, because lets face it, your music does lack that wooly texture all geniuses have in some form.

code monkey #375531.6 says

I agree with the poster who said the video is disturbing. lol

It's actually really very good, but it needs a lot less of Kerry lip syncing. Maybe a bunch of empty frito bags and mountain dew cans on the desk, and a view of the monitor from his pov. Did he do it all in one take?

The secretary looks like he asked her to participate just 5 minutes before filming. Needs a bunch more takes for that.

Ah crap. Who am I to critisize? I can't do even that good a video.

Kerrin says

I'm no actor, and Mollie is no actress. She was doing it as a favour, she hadn't heard the song before, so had trouble remembering the words.
There is no Mountain Dew or Tab in the UK (which is a shame cos I like it).

If I had more time, better equipment, and access to people with acting experience, I know I could have done a lot better.

All the people who are very critical, please consider the following things:

I am not a professional film maker or actor
I am producing this on zero budget
I have very little time to spend making the videos
If you think you can do better, do (I'll host it if you want).

I am doing this for many reasons, and one is because I wanted to see videos for JoCo songs, before I started there were less than I could count on one hand. My video podcast has already added 5 to that number, and as long as I don't become to disheartened by all the criticism, I will continue to make more.

The UK tour will hopefully produce some video content with Jonathan in that I can edit together to make some live videos.

Barbie says

Thanks JC, that's great, how you'll travel to a whole other continent to do shows, but you won't travel to the country next to you? That hurts me inside.

Bill says

Kerrin, I agree with you. If any of the critics can make a better video, now is the time for him/her to put up or shut up.

Like a lot of folks, I've tried to edit video of family/friends...and know first-hand that it's not easy and it takes tons more time than expected just to get so-so results. I haven't attempted (and probably won't) a music video because of the added complexity.

So...props to you, Kerrin, for doing something most of us can't or won't do. And thanks for using one of my favorite JC songs!

Brian says

I liked the efforts, and have linked for future ones as well. Are you open to some idea'rs / comments? TAB was funny. As difficult as the live action is, I'd encourage you to try more and take it to the next level. Multiple shots, more cuts to 'offbeat yet appropriate' pictures. Maybe cross up your Flickr shots with live action? One thing I've like of previous videos is the creative effort used to bring topics to the music. In the IKEA video, the college kids and divorced men shots crack me up. Maybe some of your special perspective would be useful to break up a longer monotonous scene or single shot. Thanks for putting yourself (and your co-worker) out there. What a riot!

code monkey #375531.6 says

Sorry Kerrin,

please don't get the wrong idea. I think the video was a lot of fun.

I didn't mean to provide negative criticizm. I even admitted that I wouldn't be able to do one that good. (perhaps I shouldn't have said "even"). Trust me, if I tried to do one, it would make the jedi kid look cool in comparison.

Btw, disturbing isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think it was the lip syncing that did it. Just as a constructive suggestion, I'd only use lip syncing when the character in the song is actually "speaking", such as "soda me make fat". But again, don't take my l33t video making experience as a guide. I have none. lol.

Actually, seeing Molly saying that in the video sent chills down my spine. Been there, felt that.

Kerrin says

I was looking at the statitics on this video, and it has been viewed by double any of the other videos to date. I suspect that the song had a lot to do with this, being probably Jonathan's most prolific so far.

Tristan says

If you're touring the UK, you might consider stopping at Bristol's AR2, it has capacity of 200. Please see or email

I know you have a fair few fans here (amongst the Computer Games Society...) and I have a few contacts for publicity.