Thing a Week 41 – Seahorse

By JoCo July 14, 2006

I was thinking about how with seahorses, the males are the ones who carry the fertilized eggs until they hatch. And then of course I started thinking of a sad seahorse, whose female had left him alone to care for the kids – AGAIN. I’m pretty sure this is not actually the way things really are for seahorses. But if it was, you know, this song would make sense.

I can’t believe we’re on Thing a Week V.


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Zach says

"I can’t believe we’re on Thing a Week V."

Just wait 'til September and the Thing a Week anniversary.

Josh says

The beginning sounds eerily like Pizza Day. Or is this just me?

Nikkikins says

The first few chords reminds me of a couple Green Day songs. Somehow I can't bring myself to care, though. ^_^

Chuckles says

I love this. Very pretty and melodic. Not as sad as I expected it to be, from your blog entry about it....

Glenn says

Doing anything special for the big number next week?

AiYume says

Wow... I'm having Alan Parsons Project flahsbacks. :) Great song, good feeling to it.

Glenn says

I don't know why it took until now for me to start in on the Little Gray Books.

Everytime I hear that submarine ping, it makes me think of Pink Floyd's Echoes. (That's not why you guys keep referencing the echoes in the sub, is it?)

Also, I totally nailed the archetypical Spy Rock song. Yep. Nailed it.

Dan Coulter says

Think A Week 5? Wow, that's almost a year of things!

Dan Coulter says

Wow! I misspelled Thing!

Steve says

Great stuff as usual. For some reason I really love the bassline, and I know that the melody is going to follow me around for a little while. Nice work.

M_pony says

This I like. Those harmonies make my musical geekery circuits get tingly. And any kind of horse is a-ok in my book.

Dave says

Glenn Says:

July 14th, 2006 at 9:07 am
Doing anything special for the big number next week?

Big number, as in Life, The Universe and Everything?

Glenn says

# Dave Says:
July 14th, 2006 at 5:24 pm

Glenn Says:

July 14th, 2006 at 9:07 am
Doing anything special for the big number next week?

Big number, as in Life, The Universe and Everything?

Yes, that number. The Ultimate Answer. The Level that produced Something About You. The big Four-Two.

Pete says

That's got the most divine melody imaginable. Good work, fella.

Jay Schandemonier says

Beautiful song. After hearing it i did some wikipedia research and found some interresting facts. i wouldn't post them here just to point out factual errors (because i think the artistic license justifies your adaptation), but i found them ironic in and of themselves:
1. Seahorse couples usually stick together.
2. neither parent cares for the young at all. They just swim off on their own immediately. That is, unless their father accidentally eats them.

griffoso says

I am a graphics designer and I am constantly looking for inspiration for new styles and ideas. I found your website and have been listening to your work, yup I have been getting ideas flying out of my head (you thought I was going to say butt, right?, anyway keep up this thing a week it seems to be a hit!!

Kaye says

OMG - how sweet. My boyfriend is in Iraq right now and we have this 'thing' for seahorses. It became a joke that when he left he'd have to take all the frys with him - and I keep sending pictures of big fat daddy seahorses.

This song made me giggle - and I can't wait for him to hear it.

Know you gave both us a big smile thru this long deployment.