By JoCo July 12, 2006

In the last couple of weeks I very quietly added this to the site – you can now buy JoCo ringtones. I was waiting to see if it would work, and for the most part it looks like it does. You must have a phone and service combination that’s supported which you can check pretty easily on the site. Sorry, only US for now – also, most Verizon users are screwed, but if you’re a Verizon customer this will not be news to you. I don’t have any control over the process, I just post the ringtones and wait for the millions to roll in, so if you have any trouble you can contact the Xingtones tech support folks. They seem very helpful, but if for some reason you can’t get no satisfaction just let me know. Now go buy some ringtones.


Carin says

Damn! And I was all fired up to buy some ringtones! Too bad I'm Canadian. Plus my silly phone probably couldn't handle it.

Glenn says

My phone probably won't handle it either, but I should at least try. (Or get a new phone.) Finally, I'll be able to distinguish my ring from everyone else!

Barbie says

How dare you leave us Canadians out!! I'm getting a new phone this week that will support those things too.

Josh says

Well, now I feel Special...!

Paul says

I'd like to believe that verizon really does have the best intentions. I mean, they offered me great rates on a two-year non-binding contract right?

Andrine says

Has anyone successfully downloaded these things? I've had nothing but heartache and now the company would rather refund my $1.50 than fix the problem... :(

Glenn says

I tried for a while, then PayPal wouldn't let me spend the money, so I gave up.

Dave says

I'm half-tempted to buy a cellphone just so I can have Re: Your Brains as my ringtone. The looks alone would almost be worth it.

Jesus says


Pirate Tones says

Here is another ringtone site we jsut created...what do you think: http://piratetones.com

Jeremy says

Great idea, we're doing the same for my band but using a different service called Phone Sherpa. They have worldwide distribution and allow you to buy the ringtone using your cellphone or with credit card.

Tydeaala says
Marie says

Another vote for throwing my Verizon phone in the lake then...