VTAW – SkyMall

By JoCo July 9, 2006

Apparently Len’s got a new gizmo that “vectorizes” his “line art” (if you know what I’m saying)…


Matt Mobley says

A gizmo that vectorizes his line art? I thought that was Nora's job, if you know what I mean. (Anybody else feel like we've slipped into an episode of Who's Line?)

Len says

I understand it. :( I work in Illustrator though. So I guess I'm a geek.

BTW, I'm glad someone commented on the image. I was afraid I scared everyone off.

Matt Mobley says

You're not alone, Len. I'm sure a lot of us here are geeks. I'm more of a Photoshop geek, though. And I only pick on people I like. It's when I stop giving you a hard time that you have to worry. Jonathan's comment just reminded me of a game on Who's Line is it Anyway where they have to say completely innocent things and turn them into a sexual innuendo.

Actually, I think I was almost knocked down by that woman in an airport once.

Matt Mobley says

More on topic, I do like this one. Is that bear holding a shot glass?

Len says

He is indeed. :)

Dan says

Unfortunately the humor of "vectorization" goes over my head. :'(

Matt Mobley says

Well, no wonder the little guy looks so happy. He's drunk off his ass and thinks a supermodel is taking him home.

The vectorization thing was fun for its short life, but it's not going to be another "Right to free cheese" debate like we got from the censored Code Monkey.