VTAW – Pizza Day

By JoCo July 4, 2006

I can almost taste that jello cup…


Dan says

That looks familiar - I think I saw that at my high school.

Rob says

Soft Drinks? What crazy school did you attend? It was carton of milk or nothing for me!

Glenn says

Dear Mr. Coulton:

You should request a copy of Silent Running for your viewing on the moon. I'm sure it will cheer you up. Also, now I want to see that image of the face of madness.

Seven of Two says

When I was in high school, we not only had soft drinks, we had Domino's Pizza and Taco Bell. I shit you not. The Domino's Pizza always smelled and tasted of the cardboard cartons in which it was brought to our school. The Taco Bell items tasted like Taco Bell items (grade D, but edible).

To be fair, the school did offer a sandwich bar, bottled water and juice. Of course, that stuff was a lot pricier than the aforementioned fast food items.

I love the graphic. I especially love the misspellings in the graphic, the sense of making-the-best-of-the-letters-we-have that's a lot like the way one felt eating pizza in school; it tasted like cardboard, and it was still school, but at least it was pizza.

Matt Mobley says

I noticed it wasn't too long after I graduated from High School that the schools here started renting out space to McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. It was kind of a confusing situation with the school board saying "Kids are too fat" and "lets give them easier access to daily fast food" in the same breath.

One incredibly stupid idea that didn't last too long my sophomore year was the 10 inch diamiter donuts. That thing was more than enough for me and 2 of my friends, but I knew people who would eat the whole thing in one sitting.

Glenn says

Holy cow -- you have ringtones! I wish I knew if my phone could handle them.

Michael says

Mmmmm ... cooki s ...