Thing a Week 39 – Pizza Day

By JoCo June 30, 2006

In my school, it was Friday. The pizza wasn’t any good at all, but you can’t really argue with pizza at school can you?

Those of you who’ve spoken to me in the last 24 hours may be surprised that there’s a song here – until about 2:00 this afternoon I had pretty much nothing. I was all ready to blow it off and go play some tennis when this came to me. The music is an idea that’s been floating around in my head forever, but the sad guy singing about pizza was one of those things that just bubbled up from somewhere. It’s by necessity a pretty simple structure and arrangement, but I kind of like it that way. It’s economical. And recording it also felt very old school for some reason, reminded me of high school, sitting in my room at home with a four track cassette and a chorus pedal. And maybe a piece of pizza.

Pizza Day

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rheimbro says

Hey man, love the new song, and appreciate that you churn one of these gems out week after week, i'm sure it probably can get pretty stressful at times.

This one brings back great memories. Pizza Day had always been on fridays for us until one year they decided that they would always have pizza as an option. It just wasn't as special after that....


Matt Mobley says

Woooo! If I had a lighter, I'd have been holding it in the air during that one! Pizza and Fridays are just meant to be together. It's natural. It's beautiful. ... Excuse me, I have something in my eye. I'm going to get some pizza.

Len says

We had pizza for dinner tonight. How apropos. Great song!

Matt says

This song really reminds me of the song of the same title, "Pizza Day!" by "The Aquabats."

Orkendark says

For more pizza day goodness, there's a song by The Aquabats (devo inspired ska/punk) with the same title, "Pizza Day".

It really always the best lunch day, especially because at my school it was Friday, so that meant the week was over.

Orkendark says

Stop stealing my brain Matt.

awry1 says

Where in the hell is Gary Sousa, you may ask.
He married The Lunch Lady and suffers from the "didn't get into college so he'll die in the streets without a penny to his name blues."
I miss Doc.

Alex says

I'm not at all surprised, you were right about the mood of the song even. That was certainly a fun night, you and the ill clan were hysterical and fun to hang out with.

And oh yeah, here's Dr. Tran

Leigh says

Especially great for me, since my last pizza day EVAR was last week. :-D

webjones says

The Daughter assures me that they still have pizza day.

BUt when I asked if they had Johnny Marzetti she said "huh?".

Ben says

pizza day was friday, and if you were lucky enough to be in the last lunch hour, they offered the leftover pizza slices for a dime each. I loved school pizza. the little rectangular slices were the best things ever.

Paul says

Like it, but couldn't help imagining what it might sound like with a faster tempo & more excitement. Done sort of like a Men Without Hats song. PIZZA DAY!!!

kathy says

nooooo it is lovely and poignant and funny the way it is

courtney says

your music is WONDERFUL!!