Future Soon Flickr’d

By JoCo June 27, 2006

Garrick has made a Flickr-style (or should I say JoCoPro-style?) video for The Future Soon. I find this one a little disturbing, maybe because of all the blood and stitches. Or perhaps it’s the unsettling sound of the demo version of the song, which I haven’t heard in a while. Either way: robots! Thanks Garrick…


Glenn says

I like the robot army images and the robot bride image. I thought the picture of the woman with a cellphone would have worked better with the "bionic eyes" line. The purely organic injury shots did seem oddly out of place.

And I definitely like the album version better, much improved.

Spiff says

I liked the robot shots also, and the camera lens coming out of the guy's pants (probably the money shot for the whole video, IMO). But I kept wondering why there were so many shots of bloody injuries too.

jpez says

Two things:
1. WAY too much Ken Burns effect. Yes, I understand that you are using images in a video. I will not be tricked into thinking that I am not watching a video if they are not animated.
2. WTF is up with the bloody wound shots?

I agree w/ Spiff, the camera lens coming out of the guy’s pants was definitely the money shot for the whole video.

MattGyver says

If it was put together in iMovie on a mac, it zooms in on still pictures by default. I recently got my first Mac and found that out but haven't had time to play around and find out how to stop it. Personally, I'm not sure if the zooming is a good or bad thing.

Other than that, I have to agree with your opinions of the bloody wounds and the camera lens.

Kerrin says

Cool, my idea has caught on! Now we will take over the world with Jonathan Coulton Flickr videos!

Nice video, a bit too bloody for my personal tastes, but good none the less.

As an additional point, I know my 1st 2 JoCoPro videos were this style, but they won't all be, infact that's whay I didn't make a Flickr video this week. I am making a live action video, which takes more time and planning.

Spiff says

I think the Ken Burns effect (how cool is that to have a whole effect named after you) does make viewing static photos more interesting, but it should be mixed up with some pans, some zooms, some pans + zooms, etc.

I'm looking foward to seeing a live action video.

These videos, while fun to make, also have to be helping JC somehow. My "re: Your Brains" WoW video has had about 27,000 views on YouTube in a little over a month now, and for some reason it's started shooting up by almost a thousand views a day in the last couple of days. I have to figure that at least *some* of those people are coming here to get hooked on Coulton's music.